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Many Christian colleges fail to teach how much our view on origins impacts our worldview. Liberty University, located in Lynchburg, Virginia, is an exception. For over twenty years, the school has required all students to complete a course in origins. Recently, a Liberty professor went one step further, publishing a new, easy-to-read textbook specifically for this course.

In 1985, founder and president Jerry Falwell established the Center for Creation Studies. As a result of that vision, all undergraduates of Liberty are required to take “CRST 290: History of Life.” Each year nearly 3,000 students (both residential and distance learning) go through the course, which teaches the young-earth perspective on origins.

Last year was the first time students used the new book Unraveling the Origins Controversy, written by Dr. David DeWitt, Director of the Center for Creation Studies. “The origins issue serves as a foundation and glue to a person’s worldview,” he writes in the book. “It is imperative that Christians be prepared to defend their faith especially in regards to creation.”

DeWitt received his PhD in neuroscience from Case Western Reserve University and has been actively researching Alzheimer’s disease. His new book lays out the basic issues in origins, as they impact our worldview. With a focus on presuppositional apologetics, Dr. DeWitt carefully presents the assumptions that are used for both sides of the origins debate. Although the book presents a wealth of scientific information, it does so with clear explanations of difficult concepts. Creator-centered, Bible-focused living begins one person, one home, one church, one school, and one book at a time. Each of us can play a part, whether as parents or children, teachers or students, writers or readers. To read a review of Unraveling the Origins Controversy, visit www.answersingenesis.org/articles/2008/01/08/review-unraveling-origins.

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