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What Is a Creation College?

The Christian colleges and seminaries referred to on this site are institutions whose presidents have affirmed in writing their personal agreement with the Statement of Faith.

Cautious Evaluation Required

Affirmation of the Statement of Faith by the school’s president is, of course, not a guarantee that all professors/textbooks/courses etc., take the same stand on God’s Word including Genesis but it is an important start for parents wanting a short list to research. Therefore we have provided an opportunity for each institution’s Academic Dean, Bible Department Chair, and/or Science Department Chair (or equivalent) to affirm their commitment to these foundational truths of God’s Word. However, because there are multiple professors within most Science and Bible departments, and because positions are often in flux, the student and/or parents should meet with the school directly and ask questions in a gracious manner.


The following colleges, universities, and seminaries are financial partners in the development and upkeep of this site. We greatly appreciate the extra level of commitment that they exhibit by participating in this way.

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Research for Already Compromised

Those who have read Already Compromised can download the list of all colleges and universities surveyed for the book. Note that this list includes all the colleges interviewed for the book—some of which stand firm on biblical authority and others which sadly do not.


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