A Unique Planet

We tend to take for granted the healthfulness of the air around us as long as we get the oxygen we need. We don’t pay much attention to the other elements even though oxygen makes up only 21% of our atmosphere. The bulk of the atmosphere consists of nitrogen (78%), and the remaining 1% is a mixture of trace materials. What is all that nitrogen doing in the atmosphere?

Journey to the Center

Our modern economy depends on a correct understanding of the earth, as we incessantly search for oil and essential minerals, and predict deadly earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. Moreover, the modern debate about the origin of the solar system revolves in part around what makes up the earth’s interior.

Our Beautiful Home

Over three days, God gave form to the sky, sea, and land. Included in the original material of creation was water, out of which God created the earth. This unique planet had just the right mix of chemicals and the right mass to hold a life-sustaining atmosphere.

Global Warming in Perspective

Planet earth—theplace over six billion people call home. We are bombarded with ideas on how to go green, save the polar bears, and reduce our carbon footprint. Global warming remains at the forefront thanks to the media and politicians. It can be confusing for Christians who are called to be wise stewards of God’s creation.

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