Watery Beginning



In Genesis 1, the Bible indicates that on Day One of Creation Week, the earth was covered with water. Secular hypotheses about the universe’s origin (like the big bang), however, hold that the earth formed as a hot molten blob billions of years ago. Challenged to explain where all this ocean water came from, some secular scientists are now rethinking their old beliefs.

Echoing Genesis 1, New Scientist featured an article late last year with a title “Earth May Have Had Water from Day One.” It declared, “Now, it seems that water may after all have been present in Earth’s building blocks.”1 Fred Ciesla of the University of Chicago’s geophysical sciences department told the magazine that a recent computer simulation strengthens the argument that water was present in earth’s raw materials. He is not saying that the earth was covered with water before dry land appeared, just that the water was present from the beginning.

While secular ideas on the origins of the universe and life may change, God’s Word is clear and doesn’t need frequent revisions. Nothing that we actually observe in science has ever contradicted the Bible, and it never will.

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