Clear Intelligence


on April 1, 2011
Featured in Answers Magazine

By evolutionary standards, chimps are supposed to be our closest living relative, but when it comes to understanding humans, they don’t hold a bone to man’s best friend. Canine researchers at Duke University have been examining dogs for over 15 years to understand just how well the animals learn. As it turns out, they “have figured out how to read human behavior and human gestures better than any other species has, even chimpanzees.”1

Scientists increasingly find surprising intelligence in a wide range of animals—from crows to dolphins to dogs. This intelligence points not to unguided processes acting over millions of years but to the creative genius of our all-knowing Creator.

Answers Magazine

April – June 2011

Continual attacks on God’s Word can cause even Christians to question the Bible. Are you prepared to answer the attacks, or more important, questions from those who honestly want to learn how we know God’s Word is true? This issue of Answers will burrow down to the heart of the matter, highlighting seven reasons we know the Bible is true!

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