Evolution Timeline

Rapid Evolution

The evolutionary model for the speed of human evolution is influenced by the anthropological timeline of humankind covering the earth over the past hundred millennia, as opposed to the creationist model of humans covering the earth in the past few thousand years since the flood of Noah.

Trouble in Evolutionary Timetable

A trail of tiny tracks in Uruguay’s Tacuarí Formation has evolutionary pundits scratching their heads to sort out the rate of evolution of early complex life-forms. Two geologists have traced the trails left by a slug-like creature back to a time before such bilaterally symmetrical creatures should have been crawling around.

Molecular Clock Being Reset

Molecular clock calculations are based on mutation rates estimated by comparing human, chimpanzee, and orangutan genomic differences. However, superimposing ape genomic data upon a hypothetical and unverifiable history for humans does not actually demonstrate anything about human history.

Articles About Evolution Timeline


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