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Creation Evangelism—From A to Z


Creation evangelism—using the biblical account of creation to spread the gospel—is not just for pastors and evangelists; it’s for everyone, old and young alike. Perhaps you might want to try one of these ideas to reach people with the truth of God’s Word from the very first verse.

Dan Breeding with an owl

Wildlife expert Dan Breeding will give you an up-close look at some of God’s most amazing creations!

A—Animals. Who can resist a cute, cuddly critter like a chimpanzee or kitty? Share God’s phenomenal design that he placed in each one of his created creatures while allowing people to get up close and personal with animals. Maybe your church wants to try some extreme evangelism by inviting animal trainer and wildlife educator Dan Breeding to show some of God’s amazing creatures to your congregation. Or, perhaps you simply want to share AiG’s many resources on animals (such as the Zoo Guide and the Marvels of Creation series) with others. The choices are many when it comes to this category.

Answers in Genesis advertisement on a car door

An automobile can be a powerful platform for advertising the Answers in Genesis website.

Answers in Genesis advertisement on a rear window

B—Bumper Stickers. Why not witness while you drive? Let everyone know, “We’re Taking Dinosaurs Back!

C—Seven C’s of history: Creation, Corruption, Catastrophe, Confusion, Christ, Cross, and Consummation. This small booklet, on which the storyline for the Creation Museum is based, is a great evangelistic tool for all ages.

D—Dinosaurs. People of all ages are fascinated with dinosaurs. In fact, dinosaurs have been called “missionary lizards” because they are a great conversation-starter about the Bible. Dinosaur trading cards are an excellent way to get the truth out about these intriguing land animals that once roamed the earth.

A VBS class is entertained by a creation speaker

Entertain and educate children at the same time!

E—Entertainment. Kids love to be entertained, and when your church has a VBS or other outreach program be sure to use tools that will not only entertain but will also teach the children truths from God’s Word. From skits to puppet shows, entertainment can be a way of bringing God’s truth to children.

F—Fairs and Festivals. Whether it’s the county fair or a seasonal festival, it’s almost certain that you’ll have a captive audience as people pass your booth with curiosity—especially if dinosaurs or Noah’s Ark are part of the display. You’ll want to be sure to offer a variety of creationist material or to hand out dinosaur or Flood cards.

An Answers in Genesis booth at a local fair

If you have the opportunity, why not set up a booth at a local fair or festival to educate the culture about creation?

G—God. A simple question such as, “Do you believe in God?” followed by the booklet Is There Really a God? is a great door-opener for faith-based discussions.

H—Hotels. Why not leave a tract or booklet with your tip for the cleaning staff before you check out of your hotel? See A Tip on Tips for an inspiring story of how this can lead people to the Lord.

The AiG website is filled with articles and information

The Answers in Genesis website is filled with thousands of articles and free resources.

I—Internet. Why not share one of the thousands of Bible-affirming articles from with family, friends and coworkers? It’s easy to send copies of AiG articles to those who question God’s Word. You can also add AiG’s lead article or the After Eden cartoon to your website and have the page updated daily (see Link to Answers in Genesis for details).

J—Jobs. Whether you work as an engineer, an artist, a teacher or a homemaker, God can use you right where you are to reach others with the truth about origins.

K—Kits. Answers magazine reader Aimee Folmer of Edwardsville, Illinois, says that whenever a friend or family member goes to college, she gives them a college “survival kit.” Using a plain-colored gift bag, she prints a label that says “College Survival Kit” on the outside. She then fills it with candy, quarters, soda, granola bars and an Answers in Genesis resource.

L—Links. Why not add a web link to creationist organizations at the bottom of your email signature? Also, why not include links of various creationist organizations to your own website or to the website of your business or church?

M—Missions. People all over the world are hungry for the truth about God’s creation. Thanks to the translation efforts of Answers WorldWide, you can take translated materials with you on the next mission trip. (See AiG WorldWide—poised for global impact! for more information.) To read about the importance of creation in foreign missions, see The Importance of Foreign Missions.

N—Noah’s Ark. Just how did Noah fit all the animals on the Ark? And how big is a cubit? Questions like these are easily answered with a replica of Noah’s Ark. It’s a great way to engage people with truth about God’s Word.

Greece's Parthenon, near the 2004 Summer Olympics

If you’re planning a trip abroad, why not take some translated material for distributing?

Answers in Genesis offers a variety of translated materials

O—Olympics. Numerous teams have effectively evangelized to numerous nationalities by taking translated material to the Olympics, including the 2004 Olympics in Greece. Read more about it at Take a ‘mission trip to the world’.

P—PowerPoint Presentations. You don’t have to spend hours researching the arguments for creation—the work has already been done for you! And the information is contained in hundreds of free illustrations and PowerPoint slides available for speakers, teachers and others to use. Just download them individually from AiG’s free presentations website or upgrade to the DVD-ROM/web-based Presentation Library.

Q—Questions. The “four big” questions are “Does God exist? What about evolution? Where did the ‘races’ come from? And who was Cain’s wife?” The Answers to the 4 Big Questions booklet is an affordable resource to give to friends, family, co-workers, college students, etc.

R—Restrooms. Answers magazine reader Nicholas Gausling of Las Vegas, Nevada, says he places creation booklets and tracts in public restrooms, especially in stalls. He says while it may sound odd, they give people something to read as they sit down.

S—Signs. Whether the sign is a magnet for your car or a poster on a billboard, signs get people attention. Use them to get people’s attention and to educate them about the truth.

T—T-shirts. Wear the truth of the Bible where people will take notice by putting on a Fish vs. fish or After Eden t-shirt that lets people see your message coming and going.

U—Universities. Statistics on young people leaving the faith once they attend college are startling. Whether you hang signs on bulletin boards with the AiG website or hand out booklets to students, young people are thirsty for the truth. And with the many international students, you can literally provide answers for the world.

V—Videos. Even if teaching isn’t your gift, you can invite speakers and experts right into your living room by using videos to teach and generate group discussions on creation. Or, you might even consider bringing these life-changing messages to a bigger venue by becoming a video conference coordinator for AiG.

W—Weddings. Dan and Lynne-Ann Elsaesser, keen supporters of Answers in Genesis, wanted their wedding reception to be different. Instead of focusing on themselves and receiving gifts, they chose to honor the Lord and offer presents to their guests: AiG witnessing materials. Read the story at Creation evangelism in action … at a wedding!

X—eXposed. You can expose the truth about evolution by giving away copies of the new book Evolution Exposed to every student and parent you know.

Y—You. What is God calling you to do in the area of creation evangelism? How can you apply your gifts and talents toward reaching others with the truth about God’s Word and His creation? The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18–20) is for us all!

Ken Ham with daughter, granddaughter and Zoo Guide at a local zoo

Ken Ham, along with his daughter and granddaughter, use the Answers in Genesis Zoo Guide at a local zoo.

Z—Zoos. You can conduct your own trip to the zoo by using the AiG’s new Zoo Guide to refute the evolutionary content you’ll see throughout the park on the many animal exhibit signs. Read more about it at Field-tested; mother-approved.

Do you know of other unique ways to use creation evangelism? Let us hear from you.


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