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The international outreach of Answers in Genesis has established our strategy to go global, and we would prayerfully invite you to join us! Together we can take the Word of God to every people group on planet earth.

We are very thankful for our translation teams, many of whom are volunteers, who enable us to provide strong biblical materials in the mother tongues of millions of people. Anyone interested in becoming a part of this translation ministry can contact us through our website. We do require five translators to be a part of each translation project with three of these translators being mother-tongue speakers.

Would you like to have a particular AiG article or resource translated into your language? Please let us know, and we will work on getting that translation available to you.

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See all of our translated resources in various languages by brownsing the online store. Or request a translation through our online form.

We want to provide more material for our Translations Web Library! If you are interested in our message and ministry and would like to volunteer to translate from English into a non-English language, please contact us in English with a summary of your experience with this non-English language.


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