A Tip on Tips

on ; last featured March 19, 2007

We’ve all heard stories of Christians who leave a gospel tract instead of a tip at a restaurant. While we don’t encourage replacing a well-earned tip with a tract, we do encourage you to consider the following:

Tip with Tract

Photo Credit: Answers in Genesis

Recently an AiG staff member used a simple brochure in a nonthreatening way to reach someone he had never met for Christ. When a maid was cleaning the hotel room in which the staff member was staying, she discovered a tip tucked into an AiG brochure. As she read, she became more interested and decided to visit the AiG website. There, this young woman with no church background said all the questions that had caused her to doubt Christianity were answered.

With some remaining questions about salvation, she decided to meet the staff member face to face. There, he shared the gospel, and she accepted the Lord into her life. The following Wednesday she took her parents to a nearby church, and they, too, gave their hearts to Jesus!

If you have a unique way of using creation evangelism, we'd like to hear from you. Mail your story to Answers magazine, Attn: National Editor, P.O. Box 510, Hebron, KY 41048.

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