Grand Canyon Facts

How Was the Grand Canyon Formed?

The formation of the Grand Canyon defies the explanations offered by evolutionary geologists. It was carved through a plateau that had already been uplifted by some sort of geologic process.

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No Erosion Between Layers

The fossil-bearing portion of the geologic record consists of tens of thousands of feet of sedimentary layers, of which about 4,500 feet are exposed in the walls of Grand Canyon. If the thickness of sediments was deposited over 500 million years then some boundaries between layers should show evidence of erosion.

Flood Shows Power of Water

Dam breaches remind us that rather than forming over millions of years, the Grand Canyon is a testament to the amazing power of a lot of water over a little time (and a testament to the God who made this happen). Water can transform entire terrains in minutes.

Grand Canyon Unique

There was a unique set of circumstances that made the Grand Canyon happen where it did, and the Colorado River today is there because the Grand Canyon was carved out first across the plateau.

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