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Ever dreamed of visiting the most famous natural wonders of the world? Now you can take along an audio tour by leading creation geologist Andrew Snelling, who gives insights about the Flood that you won’t hear anywhere else.

Now you can take geologist Dr. Andrew Snelling to Grand Canyon in your back pocket—or more precisely, in your CD player or mp3 player—with the new Creation Vacation Audio Tours to be released this fall!

These two new resources are the first in a series from Answers in Genesis. The information here will help you plan your visit to any of four western U.S. national parks—Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, Zion, and the Petrified Forest (including the Painted Desert). The series also contains information about the intriguing Meteor Crater.

Then when you arrive, Dr. Snelling’s extensive knowledge of the Bible and geology will help you and your family understand the area’s true natural history. Each audio track corresponds with a location found on park maps and signs, making this tour very practical and “vacation friendly” for Christian families.

Each audio track corresponds with a location found on park maps and signs, making this tour very practical and “vacation friendly.”

Learn, for example, about the Navajo Sandstone, which you will see extensively in Zion National Park. The grains of sand in this massive bed, which covers 140,000 square miles (362,598 km2) and is 2,200 feet (671 m) thick, are believed to have come all the way from the Appalachian Mountains. Such an enormous volume of sand could not be transported across the continent except by a catastrophe of worldwide proportions—a global Flood!

The evolution-based park signs and brochures give no hint of this, nor do they glorify the Creator for the region’s overwhelming beauty, but Dr. Snelling gives credit where credit is due. His lifelong passion for geology has been fueled by the discovery of more and more astounding evidences for the truth of the Bible’s history within layer after layer. Dr. Snelling’s zeal for the Bible and the Creator comes through at every stop on this tour.

At Bright Angel Point in Grand Canyon, for example, learn how the fossil-laden Redwall Limestone can be traced across the bulk of the continent and correlates with equivalent layers in Europe as well as the Himalayas in Asia. After listening to the tour and seeing the evidence for Noah’s Flood with your own eyes, you may wonder even more why so many people refuse to believe in an event that so clearly marked the landscape.

These audio tours are a must for any Christian visiting Grand Canyon or any of these other locations. They give you the keys from God’s Word to unlock the rock formations’ mysteries. As you listen, you will be awed by the Creator’s power, and Dr. Snelling’s passion for geology just might rub off on you and your family too!

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July – September 2010

From subtropical Madagascar to Antarctica, from frozen deserts to poisonous submarine volcanoes, creatures seem to inhabit every corner of the globe. How can they survive so well under so many different conditions? This issue includes a special section that examines life at the extremes, where God’s creative power continues to astound and delight us!

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