Surprised by God’s Majesty


“When you have the truth of God’s Word stretched out in front of you,” exclaims Grand Canyon guide Jon Albert, “suddenly you feel this immense growing confidence in who God is, His character, and His Word, and that surprises people.”

The spectacular beauty of the Grand Canyon attracts nearly five million visitors every year. Most of them learn from park signs and tour guides that the canyon was cut from sediment laid down over millions of years. But one outfit offers an alternative to the evolutionary line. Founded in 1997, the nonprofit Canyon Ministries has a vision to inspire awe in God’s handiwork, as the Lord intends for this natural wonder. Thousands have now participated in its growing spectrum of tour options.

Canyon Ministries is the only biblical creation organization licensed to operate within the park. That recognition allows their buses access to all areas of the park and signifies park rangers’ confidence in the professionalism of their guides.

Along with four- and seven-day rafting trips down the canyon, Canyon Ministries offers inexpensive, one-day rim tours in buses. A new innovation that is even easier on the pocketbook is “Step-On” tours. Guides will step onto any tour bus for a few hours, or even devote an entire day to give a personalized tour. Every guide is well versed in the biblical view of the canyon’s geology. A catastrophic global Flood, lasting only a year, best explains the canyon layers.

The founder, Tom Vail, still leads one rafting trip each year, but experienced outdoor guide and former pastor Jon Albert now heads the ministry. Jon never ceases to be amazed by the grandeur of Grand Canyon, but he sees something even more majestic: “People think they’re just going on a tour, and they walk away saying, ‘This makes me think differently about who I am as a dad, a husband, a member of my church!’ That’s what happens when you put a spotlight on God and His Word. And it’s beautiful for us to watch.”

Grand Canyon

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Visit for more information about Grand Canyon tours and rafting trips given from a biblical worldview.


Three to See

Jon Albert’s favorite lookouts on the South Rim

Pin Moran Point
(Seen above) This overlook sits directly above Hance Rapid, the start of the largest whitewater in North America.
Pin Lipan Point
Lipan Point provides impressive views of the upper granite gorge to the west and the Painted Desert to the east.
Pin Desert View Watchtower
The watchtower looks out on stunning views of the Palisades of the Desert, the Little Colorado Gorge, the Painted Desert, and more than six miles of the river.

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