Another View of the Grand Canyon



Is it 4,300 years old, 6 million, or 70 million?1 Regarding the age of the Grand Canyon, we can now take our pick from a growing selection of dates. The 70-million-year age has gained some recent adherents, even though it represents a mind-boggling jump from the 6-million-year figure that has prevailed for almost eight decades among most secular geologists.

If the time frame is so uncertain, why reject the claims of the infallible Word of God? The Bible’s chronology in Genesis, along with research conducted by creation geologists at the Grand Canyon, show that the canyon formed soon after the global Flood, about 4,300 years ago.

The radiometric dates for volcanic rocks at Grand Canyon actually demonstrate that the first and last sedimentary deposits of the canyon were laid about the same time.2 This conforms nicely with the Scriptures’ teaching about a global Flood that destroyed the earth, but it is unthinkable to geologists who refuse to submit to Scriptures’ authority, even when it makes the most sense of the data.

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