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on April 1, 2011
Featured in Answers Magazine

Marvin Olasky, editor in chief of World magazine, understands the power of Grand Canyon—and not just because he shot the rapids of the Colorado River. In a recent cover story, Olasky chronicled his journey down the turbulent waters with creationist researchers Drs. Andrew Snelling and Terry Mortenson (Answers in Genesis–USA), Dr. Bill Barrick (The Master’s Seminary), and Tom Vail (Canyon Ministries).1 What he saw led him to call for young-earth views to be welcomed in all Christian colleges.

Onboard with 27 other rafters, Olasky quizzed them on why they either take the Bible as is or are still hesitant to do so. From marketing experts to seminary professors and other scholars, several of them detailed what it means to live out biblical authority in a doubting world—to let the Bible rule over all areas of our life and thought.

Grand Canyon

Galyna Andrushko | Dreamstime.com

A trip to some of earth’s most fabulous sites, such as Grand Canyon, makes a great opportunity to explore questions about creation and the Flood, as World magazine’s editor in chief discovered after joining a creationist-led trip down the canyon.

Olasky also came face to face with some of the strong evidence that Grand Canyon was carved quickly rather than over millions of years—information, as he pointed out, that secular geologists often find hard to admit.

While Olasky seems hesitant to fully embrace a young earth, the impact of his trip is evident from his conclusion and reminds us why patient apologetics can be so powerful:

We need investigation, not arbitrary exclusion of what is scientifically unfashionable. In particular, Christian colleges, funding sources, and fellow scientists should not excommunicate young-earthers. We should encourage debate among all those who see the Bible as God’s Word but have differences in interpretation. We should criticize those who make Science their god.

You may not have the resources to take friends and family members on a trip down Grand Canyon (as creationist organizations like Tom Vail’s Canyon Ministries and Answers in Genesis do). But perhaps you can take them to local geologic landmarks and teach them what God’s Word says. (Answers magazine’s website www.CreationVacations.com offers some helpful advice and resources.) Hands-on can certainly have heart-impact.

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