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Of the approximately 22,000 people who have the privilege of rafting the Colorado River each year, only about one percent will hear a biblical interpretation of how the canyon was formed.

USA Today published an article recently saying, “The Grand Canyon boasts some of the most spectacular views in the world, revealing a rich geological history that few ever see from the Colorado River.” While this is true, the problem is the end of the sentence, which says the Colorado River “that formed it millions of years ago.”

The article went on to say, “Those eager to watch rare animals emerge from the cliff sides, camp under the stars and get an adrenaline rush as they soar over rapids must get a permit if they want to lead one of hundreds of the trips available through a lottery each year.” They are referring to the small percentage of trips awarded by the National Park Service each year that are considered “private,” meaning they do not involve a professional guide or a commercial outfitter.


Each year, approximately 22,000 people have the privilege of rafting the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. The vast majority of them join trips offered by commercial rafting companies. And about 75 percent of commercial trips are on large motorized rafts, which provide a safe, yet exciting ride through some of the biggest rapids in North America. There is also ample time to take in the majesty of God’s creation, since about 90 percent of the river is calm water.

Of those who have the opportunity to raft the canyon, only about one percent will hear a biblical interpretation of the canyon and how it was really formed—not the story of millions of years. Answers in Genesis, in partnership with Canyon Ministries, offers several of these trips each year, ranging from four to nine days in length. These trips provide a completely different account of the canyon’s formation. They demonstrate the fact that what we see in the Grand Canyon truly upholds and supports what we read in God’s Word.


As you travel the course of the canyon on these trips, you will see evidence that the layers of the Grand Canyon were laid down rapidly in quick succession as part of the catastrophic reworking of the earth’s surface during the year-long flood of Noah’s day. You’ll also learn how the fossils in the rock layers confirm the rapid deposition of the layers, how the layers were bent or folded while still soft, and how the canyon was carved by a massive amount of water in a short period of time.

All of this is consistent with the history revealed in Genesis 1–9. Genesis, along with the rest of the Scriptures, is the foundational starting point for all Canyon Ministries trips.

Trips through the canyon bring people together from around the world and from all walks of life. They come with the common bond of knowing Christ as their Savior. Why not make a biblically-based trip through the Grand Canyon your next family vacation?

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