Latest Articles by Bodie Hodge

  • Feedback Article
    Dinosaur and Human Cohabitation Conflict
    Nov. 18, 2005 from Feedback

    Bodie Hodge responds to a man from England regarding the way we can know dinosaurs and men lived together and the solutions to any problems with that view.

  • Magazine Article
    One Tiny Flaw, and 50 Years Lost!
    Dec. 1, 2004, pp. 33–34

    Imagine waking up every morning having aged five days while you slept. In about 13 years, you would come to the end of your life. There is a children’s disease with similar effects.

  • Repeating History—Suppression of Critical Information
    June 23, 2003

    The governing authorities of West Union, Ohio have forced the removal of critical information—The Ten Commandments, that were in this instance etched on an 800 pound granite tablet.


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