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Frilled shark

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The frilled shark Chlamydoselachus anguineus remains largely unchanged from its supposed evolutionary ancestor preserved in the fossil record.

A frilled shark living over half a mile under the sea has been caught on tape. Evolutionists and creationists are both calling this a “living fossil,” but the evolutionists describe this shark as a primitive species that has changed little, if at all, since so-called “prehistoric” times.

Well-known examples of living fossils include the coelacanth fish and crocodiles, which have remained relatively unchanged since their ancestors were fossilized.

Creationists have an eyewitness report from the Creator, who says in the book of Genesis that God created these animals after their kinds. So the fact that modern creatures remain largely the same as their fossilized ancestors is no surprise. Further, we know from the Bible that they were created thousands, not millions, of years ago.

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July – September 2007


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