Evidence of Evolution

Is There Evidence for Evolution?

Natural selection (done in the wild) and artificial selection (as done by breeders) produce enormous varieties within the different kinds of plants and animals. It has proved an impossible feat, however, to change one kind of creature into a different kind of plant or animal. The so-called “kind barrier” has never been crossed.

Do Imperfections Prove Evolution?

What are these imperfections we walk around with, and do they prove evolution? Among the supposed imperfections are cellular diseases, hiccups, backaches, goosebumps, and wisdom teeth. Almost all cases of “imperfections” chalked up to evolution can be reconciled easily with creation or the curse of God on the whole creation.

Denying Evolution like Denying the Holocaust

Richard Dawkins ignores the difference in the type of evidence supporting Darwinism and the Holocaust. The Holocaust is documented by photographic evidence, by historical documents, and by testimonies of both prisoners and jailers. The “evidence” of evolution, however, is indirect and based on speculation.

Creationists Afraid to Accept Evolution

Our “strong resistance to evolution” does not spring from a “deep dislike for a scientific understanding of how nature works” or a fear that scientific explanations will crowd out God. The fact is we understand evolution too well to accept it.

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