Millions of Years

Millions of Years and the Gospel

What is at stake here is the authority of Scripture, the character of God, the doctrine of death, and the very foundation of the gospel. If the early chapters of Genesis are not true literal history, then faith in the rest of the Bible is undermined, including its teaching about salvation and morality.

Does the Age of the Earth Matter?

It is evident that secularists don’t really care if Christians reject evolution. But the minute people reject billions of years, they are labeled antiscience, anti-academic, and anti-intellectual. The pressure to believe in an old earth is extremely great.

History of Old-earth Teaching

Opponents of the old-earth theories rightly understood that the historical portions of the Bible are foundational to the theological and moral teachings of Scripture. Destroy the credibility of the former and sooner or later you will see rejection of the latter, both inside and outside the Church.

The RATE Research Project

The RATE project has carefully investigated the method of radioisotope dating: a method that allegedly shows rocks to be millions or billions of years old. The RATE researchers have uncovered powerful evidence that supports a recent creation, and explains the radioisotope data within the biblical timescale.

Articles About Millions of Years


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