For the Birds?

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Paleontologists say they have found a 100-million-year-old missing link, named Gansus, in the evolution of birds.

Gansus yumenensis

Photo courtesy AP/Wide World Photos

This photo shows a nearly complete fossil skeleton of Gansus yumenensis.

The traits are fully bird. In fact, evolutionists argue that this creature is 100% bird, similar to a duck.

So if Gansus doesn’t appear to be evolving to or evolving from another type of bird-like creature, why is it called an intermediate? Apparently because it was discovered in the fossil record that fits with the dates evolutionists have set aside for the evolution of the birds.

It’s a denying of the obvious: birds have always been birds. They were made on Day 5 of creation (Genesis 1:20) and then reproduced after their kind.

Answers Magazine

January – March 2007


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