Creation Sunday

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For many Christians, holidays are a time to reflect upon our faith—and stir it up by way of remembrance (2 Peter 1:13). At Christmas, we celebrate the incarnation of Jesus Christ. On Good Friday, we reflect upon the awful price that He paid for our sins. On Resurrection Sunday (Easter), we praise God for the risen Savior and the promise of eternal life.

But in recent years pastors in Christian churches around the world have begun celebrating a different sort of holiday, Evolution Sunday, literally preaching Darwin from the pulpit. Unlike truly Christian holidays, this one erodes faith and undermines the Bible, replacing the Genesis narrative with a “sacred story” of suffering, thorns, disease, and death—all in the world before sin—with a dash of Goddidit to disarm objectors. Evolution Sunday began in 2006 to promote evolution among religious communities and convince them that belief in God is compatible with evolution. Those who promote Evolution Sunday insist that the church must adapt biblical doctrine to millions of years of microbes-to-man evolution, or perish.

In response, was established in 2011 to encourage churches to speak out and affirm the authority of God’s Word beginning in Genesis. This ministry website gives suggestions about how families and congregations can celebrate a Creation Sunday (it’s easier than you think), as well as links to resources to help them stand for the truth.

This year, suggests churches ask themselves, “On Whose Authority?” As servants of Christ, we don’t have the authority to change His Word—nor should we presume to (Isaiah 40:13–14).

The best way to teach people biblical discernment is to diligently explain the truth. Then it is easier to recognize falsehood by default. In our wayward day, the truth about God’s creation and the origin of sin needs special emphasis. Why not a new holiday this year? Join other Bible-affirming churches around the world as they celebrate Creation Sunday, February 15, 2015.

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