Solar System
By Harman Smith and Laura Generosa (nee Berwin), graphic artists and contractors to NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, via Wikimedia Commons

Solar System

Origin of the Solar System

The nebular hypothesis is simply a story to describe what may have happened in the “prehistoric” solar system. There are no observations to support the claims that natural processes over millions of years could form a solar system.

Problems for Solar System Theories

Over and over again in astronomy, cosmic collisions are invoked as a sort of magic wand to rescue evolutionary theories from the facts. The planet Uranus is tilted over, therefore, something hit it. Venus’s rotation contradicts evolutionary predictions—therefore, something hit it. Mercury is too dense for evolution—therefore, something hit it.

Sun Raw Material Is Different Than the Planets

Since everything formed from the same raw materials, NASA expected the chemistry to be the same throughout. But the isotope ratios found in these solar wind particles do not match those on earth.

Age of the Solar System

Evolutionists and young earth creationists both agree that the earth is about the same age as the solar system. Evolutionists believe that both formed spontaneously about 4.5 billion years ago. Young-earth creationists believe that the earth was formed on Day One and the rest of the solar system and universe on Day Four.

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