Fin Evidence

on ; last featured October 6, 2008

Researchers Find Dolphin Loose with Remains of Legs,” blared some news reports. Evolutionists were quoted in an Associated Press article saying that this one dolphin “may provide further evidence that ocean-dwelling mammals once lived on land” and suggested that the fins “could be the remains of back legs.” But it is clear that such comments are based more on evolutionists’ wishful thinking than on science.

According to Dr. David Menton of Answers in Genesis, the extra fin-like structure is due to a mutation in the dolphin’s genes (similar to mutations that cause people on rare occasions to develop extra fingers). Using this to support alleged dolphin evolution shows that evolutionists are grasping at straws—or perhaps fins—in their ongoing quest for transitional forms.

See Dolphin found with “remains of legs” to read more about this news report.

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