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Mathematician Herbert Wilf and biologist Warren Ewens, both of the University of Pennsylvania, have teamed up to research supposed answers to the claim that hundreds of millions of years isn’t enough time for life to have evolved.1 Their model purports to show mathematically that, given plausible mutation rates and a selection mechanism (akin to natural selection), there would be ample time in earth’s supposed 4.5 billion-year history for the genomes of complex life-forms to have evolved.

According to their model, however, a full-length genome already exists, and the process of replication and mutation occurs by some presumed biological process outside the study. So even if the genome contains no meaningful information, the evolutionists’ model allows the genome to reproduce without difficulty—and to do so again and again, with “correct” mutations conveniently preserved throughout the process. In reality, such mutations normally prove detrimental and even destructive to the organism. In other words, our cursed universe is not nearly so tidy as their belief in evolution forces them to assume.

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