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Reclaiming God’s Truth—Reforming our Culture

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The latest issue of Answers magazine speaks directly to the truth and authority of God’s Word.

“The Bible is an outdated book that’s just full of a bunch of stories.”

“It doesn’t really apply to me. It has no authority over my life.”

“How can we trust it? Just look at all the contradictions.”

Sadly, the above comments are heard far too often from many people in our postmodern culture. The latest statistics by George Barna show that few people—including Christians—believe in absolute truth, let alone that the Bible provides that source of truth. Instead, they want to determine truth for themselves.

Answers magazine spreadUnderstanding God’s Word Today

The latest issue of Answers magazine speaks directly to the truth and authority of God’s Word. A special section, “Can We Understand and Trust the Bible Today?” will equip Christians with answers about God’s Holy Word. In this section, Brian Edwards, author of Nothing But the Truth, shows how we can unlock the truth of Scripture using a key called hermeneutics. He gives clear examples of how we can use these same principles and apply them in interpreting Genesis 1–11—one of the most misinterpreted sections of the Bible.

Edwards also answers the questions: How can we be sure which books belong in our Bible? What about the Apocrypha? And how do we know if each book of the Bible is inspired? Also in this section, Paul F. Taylor tackles the critics who say the Bible is full of contradictions, and Bodie Hodge explores how other religious writings compare with the Bible.

Reforming the Culture—Then and Now

This October–December issue also takes a look at another time in history where God’s Word was misinterpreted and misapplied. Dr. Herb Samworth gives readers a brief history lesson on the Reformation of the 16th century, when people like Martin Luther challenged the church to return to the authority of Scripture. As Samworth explains, this time in history continues to teach us important lessons for today.

Unlike Martin Luther who called the church back to the truth found in Scripture, modern movements like the Emerging Church are calling God’s Word into question. Well-known pastor and respected theologian, John MacArthur spent some time with me recently and discussed this latest assault on the truth and certainty of God’s Word. You won’t want to miss this special interview with him as he shared his insights on this growing movement with me.

Time for a New Reformation

In his article, “Is it Time for a New Reformation?” Ken Ham challenges Christians to start a new reformation by calling the church to turn away from the opinions of fallible mankind and to stand firm on the entire Bible.

This issue is also packed with other great articles on topics such as worldwide evangelism efforts, the early church on creation, the amazing intricacies of the human ear, astronomy, the Creation model, and a new six-part article series from Dr. Andrew Snelling on the geologic evidences for the Genesis Flood, some of which are already online!

In addition to another colorful issue of Kids Answers and pull-out chart, you’ll find a new column called Truth4 Teens and an expanded Biblical Authority section, which includes study questions you can use in your small group or Sunday school class.

Truth—know it ... trust it ... believe it ... follow it. And don’t forget to pass it on. This issue of Answers magazine is a great one to share with pastors, neighbors, missionaries, and anyone in need of His never-changing truth. Who will you share eternal truth with today?


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