ID’ed for a Imperfect Argument

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One reason Answers is not very excited about the Intelligent Design movement is that ID’s main argument—that the world is, well, “intelligently designed”—fails to reference the God of the Bible and the Curse’s impact on a once-perfect world.

Evolutionists have a standard counter to ID claims. They point out apparent imperfections in design; for example, they cite the giant panda, which possesses a rather large wristbone “digit,” known as the panda’s “thumb.” They argue that this is bad design, so the panda shows evidence of evolution. (Creationists, on the other hand, argue that the thumb is extremely well designed for its purpose.)

Even more potentially damaging to ID is a new book on design flaws that explores the genetic deficiencies of human DNA. The book, Inside the Human Genome, was written by evolutionary geneticist John Avise, distinguished professor at the University of California.


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Intelligent design can counter one supposed example of poor design—the panda’s “thumb.” But without the Bible's account of the Fall, the ID movement will have difficulty explaining all the human “design flaws” detailed in a new book.

While creation is the most obvious explanation for the incredible design in the world, the Bible explains any imperfections. God’s Word traces all imperfection, including genetic deficiencies, to the Curse of Genesis 3, which came as a result of Adam’s sin. God’s perfectly designed creation was soon marred by imperfection.

That teaching is largely missing within the ID movement, and it makes ID proponents vulnerable to rebuttal. The design of living things is compelling evidence of a Designer, but only the full biblical worldview explains the imperfections in this otherwise well-crafted universe.

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