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Ice Age Animals


Ice Age Mammals

Mammoths, saber-toothed cats, and other giant mammals show up everywhere in popular culture. Many familiar animals possessed unusual traits during the Ice Age (hair on elephants?) or lived in unusual places (giant armadillos in Texas?). The main interest is that they were big. An eight-foot-long beaver—that’s impressive!

Woolly Mammoth Mystery

Why would the woolly mammoth and many other mammals even want to live in northern Siberia? What would they eat in the snowy tundra? As if the mystery isn’t deep enough, it appears that although they lived well for a time, they suddenly went extinct along with dozens of other large mammals and birds.


One of the most common giant sloths known from North America is Megalonyx jeffersonii. Fossils of this extinct animal are found all over the continent in sedimentary deposits formed just prior to and during the Ice Age that occurred after Noah’s Flood.

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