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God’s Design for Life

The Human Body

Lesson 31, p. 109 - Forensics Investigator

The World of Plants

Lesson 20, p. 78 - Dichotomous Tree Key

Lesson 26, p. 101 - Pint-Size Predators

The World of Animals

Lesson 11, p. 45 - Animal Group Terminology

Special Feature on Dinosaurs, p. 64 - Dinosaurs

Lesson 17, p. 66 - Designed to Kill in a Fallen World: The Incredible Design of Snake Venom

God’s Design for Heaven & Earth

Our Weather & Water

Lesson 6, p. 26 - The Flood

Lesson 7, p. 31 - Ice Age Animals

Lesson 15, p. 64 - Flash Flood Videos: Havasupai and Most Amazing Flash Flooding Footage Ever

Lesson 25, p. 105 - Surface and Subsurface Ocean Currents

Our Planet Earth

Lesson 3, p. 17 - Age of the Earth

Lesson 3, p. 18 - Why Do You Take the Bible Literally?

Search for Noah’s Ark, p. 24 - Noah’s Ark

Lesson 13, p. 57 - How Did We Get All This Coal?

Lesson 23, p. 93 - US Geologic Service Earthquake Map

Lesson 26, p. 104 - Petrified Forests in Yellowstone and Mount St. Helens in Washington State

Lesson 32, p. 124 - Grand Canyon—What Is the Message?

Lesson 33, p. 128 - Caves

Our Universe

Special Feature on Galileo, p. 28 - The Galileo Affair: History or Heroic Hagiography?

Lesson 6, p. 34 - The Stars of Heaven Confirm Biblical Creation

Lesson 7, p. 36 - Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe Is Old?

Lesson 10, p. 50 - What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Lesson 12, p. 57 - Discoveries of Order in the Sun

Lesson 14, p. 64 - Eclipses of 2015

Lesson 16, p. 70 - Our Created Moon

Lesson 19, p. 83 - Mercury—The Tiny Planet that Causes Big Problems for Evolution

Lesson 23, p. 95 - The Relative Size of the Earth & Sun

Lesson 25, p. 101 - Uranus

Lesson 26, p. 104 - Neptune: Monument to Creation

Lesson 27, p. 108 - New Horizons

Lesson 29, p. 117 - National Association of Rocketry

Lesson 30, p. 122 - Apollo: Humankind’s First Steps on the Lunar Surface

Lesson 33, p. 135 - Space Camp

Lesson 35, p. 141 - Astronomy

God’s Design for Chemistry & Ecology

Properties of Ecosystems

Lesson 15, p. 61 - Surf Your Watershed

Properties of Atoms & Molecules


Properties of Matter

Lesson 1, p. 10 - Radiometric Dating

Lesson 18, p. 71 - Experiment: Water’s Life-Saving Secret

God’s Design for the Physical World

Machines & Motion

Lesson 3, p. 15 - James Joule (1818–1889)

Special Feature on Kepler, p. 95 - Johannes Kepler

Lesson 31, p. 104 - The Pyramids of Ancient Egypt

Heat & Energy

Lesson 5, p. 22 - Lesson 1, p. 10 - Radiometric Dating

Inventions & Technology

Lesson 15, p. 67 - Space Station Updates

God’s Design For Science Worksheets and Quizzes

God’s Design for Life

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