Dinosaur Extinction

Dinosaur Extinction and the K-T Boundary

Numerous causes for dinosaur extinction have been proposed. Some have suggested gradual extinction. Others argue for a catastrophic cause. How do creation scientists explain the disappearance of dinosaurs from the fossil record above the Cretaceous layer?

Extinction by Asteroid?

The idea has been ingrained in our consciousness tha dinosaurs died out because a large asteroid or comet hit the earth some 65 million years ago. But the theory has some problems.

Chicxulub Crater and Dinosaur Extinction

Those who suggest the Mexican meteorite triggered events resulting in mass extinctions presume the meteorite caused catastrophes such as sun-blocking seismic fallout and unprecedented volcanic activity. The models supporting this scenario, however, were not based on a realistic model of the earth.

News About Dinosaur Extinction

Articles About Dinosaur Extinction


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