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Latest Articles by Michael J. Oard

  • Book Chapter
    Frozen Mammoth Carcasses in Siberia
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    Frozen mammoth carcasses have challenged our imagination for centuries. These carcasses sometimes come with skin, hair, and internal organs including the heart.

  • Book Chapter
    Why Live in Siberia?
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    What drew millions of woolly mammoths to the far north where the winters are currently so fiercely cold and the summers so dangerously boggy? And what did they eat while they were there?

  • Book Chapter
    The Mystery of the Ice Age
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    Although it is evident there was an Ice Age, scientists run into a blank wall when they try to provide the cause. They run into mystery after mystery.

  • Book Chapter
    A Mammoth Number of Mammoth Hypotheses
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    Efforts to understand the mysteries associated with the woolly mammoth have led to an abundance of hypotheses — all with mammoth problems.

  • Book Chapter
    The Extinction Wars
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    The worst problem uniformitarian scientists encounter with the extinction of the Siberian woolly mammoths is that they disappeared not just in Siberia but everywhere at about the same time.

  • Book Chapter
    The Multiplication of Ice Age Theories
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    Researchers have generated a lot of theories to explain the mysteries surrounding the mammoths, but questions about the cause of the Ice Age have also spawned a multitude of ideas.

  • Book Chapter
    Oct. 1, 2004 from Frozen in Time

    The bones, tusks, and especially carcasses of millions of woolly mammoths frozen in the tundra of Siberia have excited the imaginations of children and scientists for hundreds of years.

  • Magazine Article
    Dead Whales: Telling Tales?
    Sept. 1, 2004, pp. 10–14

    “We knew it was a great find,” said paleontologist Leonard Brand about the fossil whales he saw in Peru in 1999, 350 km (200 miles) south of Lima, the capital.

  • The Story That Won’t Be Told
    Dec. 9, 2003

    Secular geologists believe that it a marked trail commemorating the Missoula flood’s path and explaining its significance needs to be set up from western Montana into northwest Oregon.

  • Magazine Article
    Neandertal Man—the Changing Picture
    Sept. 1, 2003, pp. 10–14

    Despite all the prejudice against including the Neandertals into Homo sapiens, even many evolutionists have become impressed with the evidence for Neandertal’s humanity.

  • New Ice Core Records 120,000 Years?
    July 30, 2003

    A milestone in deep ice drilling occurred on Thursday, 17 July 2003. The deepest ice core in the Northern Hemisphere hit bedrock on the Greenland Ice Sheet at a depth of almost two miles.

  • Do Genetic Differences Disprove that Neandertals and Modern Humans Interbred?
    June 18, 2003

    New research results comparing the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) have shown substantial divergence between Neandertals and modern humans.

  • Magazine Article
    In the Footsteps of Giants
    March 1, 2003, pp. 10–12

    It seems difficult to explain the formation of dinosaur tracks during the Flood. A closer inspection of the details, however, demonstrates that the Flood is a more reasonable explanation.

  • Aren’t 250 Million Year Old Live Bacteria a Bit Much?
    Dec. 26, 2001

    We are being bombarded by numerous scientific reports describing the discovery of ‘living’ organisms or parts of organisms in ‘old’ rocks.

  • Controversy Over “Early Paleolithic” Stone “Tools” in Canada Continues
    Aug. 1, 2001

    Have you ever wondered about those stone ‘tools’ that evolutionists discover?

  • Comment on “Land of the Mammoth”
    March 16, 2001

    “Land of the Mammoth” on the Discovery Channel was a sequel to the show of last March in which mammoth researchers dug out what they thought was a frozen carcass encased in a block of icy mud.


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