God and Evolution

Are the Bible and Evolution Compatible?

Jesus, the Creator, made it clear that the first marriage between man and woman (Adam and Eve) came at the beginning of creation. If the earth is indeed billions of years old, then the first male and female came nowhere near the beginning of creation. This is a major theological problem.

Evolution and God

Is everything reported in a scientific journal automatically as valid as Scripture? What about when the two come into conflict—such as if an archaeologist alleges that the Bible’s history is inaccurate? The church fathers overwhelmingly believed in a recent creation as the Bible taught.

Could God Have Used Evolution?

Could God have used evolution? Yes (though the death-focused process is contrary to God’s nature), but it’s not about what He could have done; it’s about what He (not we) said He did. Christians are not called to tell God how He must have created.

Articles About God and Evolution


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