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Brett Younger begins this opinion piece with an enjoyable anecdote from his high school chemistry class, but then launches into a problematic examination of science and religion and uses the “usual” arguments against young-earth creationism. For example:

… creationists continue to argue that the earth is no more than 10,000 years old, even though the oldest rocks on the earth date back 3.8 billion years …

Do the oldest rocks on earth date back 3.8 billion years?

… when young people raised in fundamentalism go to college, they suddenly confront scientific reality …
… there are 3,700 species of cockroaches. That statistic alone should keep biblical inerrantists awake at night when they remember that Noah’s family had to catch two of everything to bring on the ark …

... Religion and science are both pursuing truth...

Did 7,400 (two of each species) cockroaches need to be on the Ark?

… the church is mistaken when we’re afraid that science threatens our belief in God …

Are we afraid of science?

… Religion and science are both pursuing truth …

(Religion may broadly include the pursuit of truth, but Christianity is about searching for truth and standing on [the] Truth.)

… When truth and belief come into conflict, it’s better to change our belief to fit the truth than to change the truth to fit our beliefs …

I think that comment speaks for itself.

“Evolution, for instance, might make us rethink the manner in which God created, but not the existence of a creator.”

Does the manner in which God created matter?

Well, one could spend hours and pages responding to Younger’s assertions, but all of them have been answered many times on the Answers in Genesis website already.

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