A Message that Inspires . . . and Infuriates

by Bryan Osborne
Featured in Answers Update

As a speaker for Answers in Genesis, I’m often blessed to hear testimonies of how God has been powerfully using AiG in people’s lives. Recently, after speaking in our Creation Museum, I greeted guests and received three such testaments, back to back to back, and thought I would share them for your encouragement.

One museum visitor told me that she was a Christian with a vigorous scientific background. She was sure that evolution was God’s mechanism for creation. As a “novelty,” she decided to visit us and hear about our fanciful and obviously wrong view of origins. But she told me, with a smile on her face, “It only took one trip!” You see, after a few hours at the museum, she was convinced of the truthfulness of God’s Word regarding origins. She also declared that it had dramatically affected the way she viewed the rest of the Bible.

A gentleman then approached me and shared about how he was introduced to creation apologetics 22 years ago at an AiG conference with Ken Ham and Dr. Gary Parker. He was so influenced by the seminar’s teaching about the trustworthiness of all of God’s Word that it radically changed his Christian walk. Cheerfully, he exclaimed, “It was a turning point in my life!”

This man’s newfound trust in God’s Word gave him a confidence to submit to Scripture. He said it gave him boldness in his witness and a hunger for God’s Word, which were sorely missing in his life. With his wife standing beside him, enthusiastically nodding, he passionately declared that AiG’s apologetics teaching changed his life!

And then a gentleman from New York came up to me. He was obviously moved by what he had experienced as he walked through the museum. He told me that he was absolutely thrilled there was a place like the Creation Museum that spoke the truth so clearly and boldly!

His joy, however, was tempered by a heavy distress. He said, “There were times as I was going through the museum that I just wept. I wept because so many people, especially where I live, desperately need to hear this!”

What makes the Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, and the message of AiG so powerful? And why are these two outreaches so inspiring to Christians and infuriating to atheists? Two words: biblical authority.

The core message of AiG is that all of God’s Word is true, from Genesis to Revelation!

You see, the core message of AiG is that all of God’s Word is true, from Genesis to Revelation! Most of all, it’s right about salvation through Jesus!

The idea that the Bible is authoritative and that there is a Creator God is tremendously problematic for the atheist or any nonbeliever. If there is a Creator, that means he made us, he owns everything, he sets the rules, and everyone is accountable to him. He is the judge of us all.

Sinful man hates these ideas and suppresses the obvious truth of a Creator (Romans 1).

A well-known outspoken atheist recently visited the Ark Encounter with the publicly expressed purpose of mocking it. As we expected, his comments about the Ark were derogatory, misleading, and at times outright dishonest. But (apart from a working of the Holy Spirit) that’s what we should expect from a God-hater like him (2 Peter 3:3–7). The unbeliever dismisses biblical authority and rejects out of hand the notion of a Creator.

For the believer, however, the message of biblical authority that we boldly proclaim at AiG is wonderfully empowering. It directly counters the modern attack on God’s Word, which has also subtly eroded many Christians’ confidence to stand on God’s Word.

For generations, Christians have been deluged with the message that the Bible can’t be trusted in this “scientific age.” As a result, many believers have either compromised the Bible’s clear teaching in Genesis or have been embarrassed into silence.

Creation Wise 2017: Focus on Genesis

The revelation that the Bible’s plain history is true, that real science confirms historical events in the Bible, and that Christians have solid answers to the skeptical questions of this age is absolutely revolutionary! Their faith in Scripture is revitalized, and they become inspired to surrender to all of God’s Word and discover a newfound boldness to proclaim the gospel to a lost and dying world!

This is why we are so passionate about the calling God has placed on this ministry! It’s why we built the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter. It’s why we have a daily radio program and hold Bible-upholding and evangelistic conferences all over the world. And it’s why we publish books, DVDs, curricula, and our award-winning Answers magazine.

Recently, AiG’s Bodie Hodge and I wrote what we believe to be a formidable, one-of-a-kind weapon to add to the arsenal of Christians ages 9 to 90. Quick Answers to Tough Questions is filled with clear and concise answers to some of today’s biggest questions. Our answers are summarized in 500 or fewer words.

With this new book, Christians who are busy with work, family, sports, school, and so on can be quickly equipped for the front lines of today’s spiritual battle. Believers will be empowered to obey God’s call to be ready to give a defense and effectively proclaim the gospel!


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