Global Flood

An Authority Issue

Whether the Flood of Noah was global or local in extent is a crucial question. This is because ultimately what is at stake is the authority of all of God's Word.

Creationist Model of the Flood

In the depths of the world’s ocean, catastrophe struck. The seafloor suddenly broke open in the middle, while the edges began diving into the mantle below. The crack in the seafloor spread around the globe.

Evidences for Global Flood

A final evidence of the universal extent of the Flood is the Rainbow Covenant. Not only does it confirm the supernatural uniqueness of this global catastrophe, it proves its universality. This divine promise was made to the earth itself.

Global Flood Evidences in the Rocks

It would have been during such periods of exposure that dinosaurs, for example, walked across such exposed surfaces and left behind their footprints, which were then buried and fossilized when the water levels rose and brought new sediments in.

News About Global Flood

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