Power of Past Super-Floods

What evidence do we see that a global Flood devastated the earth’s surface during Noah’s day—on a scale unlike anything we see today? It seems unbelievable, unless you consider how much dirt water can move. In our own backyards, small floods can deposit layers of dirt on a tiny scale. Bigger floods produce bigger layers. Scientists have found evidence of massive deposits from past floods—on a statewide and regional scale—that dwarfed any we see today. How about evidence of a Flood on a worldwide scale?

Global Flood

Scientists admit that massive floods in the past—on a scale bigger than anything we see today—deposited hundreds of feet of layers in just weeks. But few have considered the next logical scale. Is it possible that a global Flood, lasting over a year, deposited thousands of feet of the fossil-bearing layers we see today across whole continents? Noah’s Flood could easily deposit 10,000,000 cubic miles of gravel, sand, and mud.

1 Cubic Mile =

  • 1,614 Great Pyramids of Giza
  • 3,978 Empire State buildings
  • 4,705,065 Boeing 747 jets

State-Size Floods

The drainage of glacial Lake Missoula formed the Columbia River Gorge soon after the Flood, requiring only a few days to erode and deposit almost 50 cubic miles of gravel, sand, and mud.

Region-Size Floods

The drainage of Canyonlands Lake and other lakes, formed in the western US soon after the Flood, required only a few weeks to erode the Grand Canyon and deposit about 1,000 cubic miles of gravel, sand, and mud downstream.

County-Size Floods

The eruption of Mount St. Helens in 1980 eroded and deposited 0.7 cubic miles of sand and mud in seconds.

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Secular scientists claim it’s easy to disprove the Bible’s 6,000-year history: just count the tree rings. But this dating method is not as reliable as you might think.

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