Repeating History—Suppression of Critical Information

by Bodie Hodge on June 23, 2003

The governing authorities of West Union, Ohio have forced the removal of critical information—The Ten Commandments, that were in this instance etched on an 800 pound granite tablet.

In 1933 at Berlin’s Humboldt University, Nazi Germany destroyed books by authors who were of communist persuasion, Judaic descent, or otherwise low on their preconceived evolutionary scale of humanity.1 This was a tragic loss of information.

What does this event in history have to do with West Union, Ohio, USA? The governing authorities have forced the removal of critical information-The Ten Commandments, that were in this instance etched on an 800 pound granite tablet.2,3 The tablet was an icon of learning that many students benefited from reading, but it has now been removed. It is hard to believe that someone would want to remove sayings like “do not murder,” “do not lie” and “do not steal” from a public place.

Several hundred onlookers protested and 30 protesters were arrested during the removal of the tablet.4,5 It was hauled off West Union High School/Ohio Valley School District property after a federal judge’s ruling that it violated the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

This loss of information is a reflection of the culture we live in. The decline in Christian values due to the deceptive lie of evolution (if you’ve fallen for this lie, please read the book The Lie: Evolution by Ken Ham) has seen the rise of school shootings, and increases in rape, murder, STDs and racism.

People-even evolutionists, for the most part-do not want their children to lie, steal or murder. But ultimately evolutionists have no underlying reason as to why these things should be prohibited. The logical consequence of belief in evolution is that there is no God, certainly not the God of the Bible who gives us absolute right and wrong.

Many want the morals of Christianity but not the religion. As Ken Ham puts it:

“In reality, what people want is for these students to have a Christian morality-but you can’t have Christian morality without Christianity, and you can’t have Christianity without the Bible.”6

In a society that increasingly rejects God, the natural question that many US students ask in this situation is: what can I do while at school? Believe it or not, there are still quite a few rights that students can express while on school grounds in the USA. This is the promising part. Please see the for more details.

When I see the removal of The Ten Commandments, I see a strange connection between this situation and the approach of evolutionary belief to reality.

  • Evolution teaches an increase in new information on the genome. Yet we see losses on the genome.7,8

  • Evolution teaches a better society for tomorrow, yet we see decay in morals and losses of vital information (such as The Ten Commandments and Nazi book burning).

Answers in Genesis helps you to defend the authority of the Bible against such devices as evolution and “millions of years.” Please take some time to visit our Answers topic page to familiarize yourself with the latest arguments and how to effectively proclaim the Bible from the very first verse.


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