If God Doesn’t Matter to Him, Do You?

As a society, we reap the consequences of the unquestioned acceptance of the belief in evolution every day. It reduces human beings from being “made in the image of God” to being mere players in the game of survival of the fittest. Find hope. Find truth. Find answers today.

Ken Ham explores the need for cultural reform, helping us see that the Bible is really the key to what the world desperately needs.

Why do young men walk into schools and start shooting? From Columbine to Dawson College to a small Amish community, today’s newspapers report stories of young people without hope, without a sense of right and wrong, who end up destroying the lives of others with just the pull of a trigger. And it’s not just young men in schools—this year in America, more than 1.8 million people will suffer a violent crime (SSBR on Crime) and up to 1.4 million babies will be killed (NRTL). And what about Africa? The Middle East? South America? Around the world, senseless violence destroys lives because some people no longer value life. Is there any hope? Is there any truth? Are there answers?

Every day we are inundated with evolution-based messages intended to remove the Creator from the fabric of our society, our lives, our thoughts. But if we evolved from lower life forms, then the Bible can’t be trusted and life’s supposed billion-year history is one of continual death and struggle. (See “What Should a Christian Think About Evolution?” and “10 Dangers of Theistic Evolution.”) If the Bible isn’t true, then why should we be fair and kind and love our fellow human beings, as the Bible teaches (Matthew 22:39)? After all, evolution relies on survival of the fittest—no matter who gets in the way.

The Bible says something very different. Genesis tells us that we are created in God’s image (Genesis 1:27). We matter to God (Psalm 8:4–5)—we are fearfully and wonderfully made (Psalm 139:14). We were not created through millions of years of violence and death, as evolutionists believe; God did not create us to be violent! Therefore, when we commit acts of violence and evil toward our fellow man, God is grieved. And God has been grieved by these recent acts of violence in the headlines.

The Creator holds each person accountable for their sinful deeds. But God chose to send His perfect Son (John 3:16) to the Cross to pay the penalty (Romans 6:23) for our sin—our failure to obey Him. He did that for us.

Those who feel that neither they nor their actions matter to God lose their motivation to care for the lives of others or for their own life. God’s Word—beginning in Genesis—can rescue people from hopelessness. Help others find hope, truth and answers. Please take some time to read and share the articles linked below. We trust you’ll find them helpful.


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