Presuppositions and Your World View

What is a worldview? A worldview comprises one's collection of presuppositions, convictions, and values from which a person tries to understand and make sense out of the world and life. Every worldview starts with presuppositions, that is, beliefs that one presumes to be true without supporting independent evidence from other sources or systems.

Presuppositions and Science

Presuppositions vastly affect our interpretation of evidence. The problem (for the secular scientist) is that science itself is based on Christian presuppositions. Science is possible because God upholds the universe in a logical, orderly way and because God made our minds able to think and reason logically.

Presuppositional Evangelism

Science won’t convince; science won’t save. What is more important is for people to realize that they already have a source of truth that they trust for their presuppositions—and for some, it’s the wrong source. We want others to see that there’s no better source than the eyewitness account of the Creator of the Universe.

Science Not Neutral

Both creationists and evolutionists approach observational science—such as the laws of physics or the laws governing genetic inheritance—very similarly. However, when it comes to how the laws of physics and genetic inheritance came into existence in the past, the presuppositions of the scientists govern their interpretations and conclusions.

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