What Is Sin?

Some might define sin as hurting other people, not fulfilling our potential, negatively impacting the planet, a morality tale to control the “weak,” or an illusion. Genesis reveals how man came to be in his sinful and helpless state and provides the foundational information of the gospel message.

Adam and the Fall of Man

While the choice to “take and eat” ultimately plunged mankind into the darkness of death , by offering Himself as a sacrifice on the cross the Son of God freely provided new life for us, if we will but “take and eat” (John 6:47–51; Matthew 26:26–29).

Breaking God’s Law

The murder of another human is not only an offense against man, but also an offense against God. For the act of murder the civil authorities will execute justice through the courts. For violating the Law of God, the consequence is much harsher.

Satan’s Fall

Often when Christians think of the first sin, they think of Adam and Eve and the Fall in the Garden of Eden. While this is indeed the first human sin, it is not the first recorded sin in Scripture.

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