Is Fossil Missing Link Between Man and Monkeys?


Is a fossil found in Saudi Arabia the latest “missing link” between man and monkeys? Or is it only the latest misunderstood ape-like creature?

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The researchers are still hesitant to conclude that Saadanius is the definitive link between modern primate groups.

Saadanius hijazensis isn’t your usual missing link: even the evolutionists who gave that name to a few bits of skull agree that Saadanius was not human. That’s no surprise, as the fossil has been dated to around 29 million years old—far older than evolutionists’ date for the evolution of the earliest humans.

But the fossil may nonetheless be labeled a “missing link,” because researchers claim it may be the common ancestor of Old World monkeys and apes—and, therefore, ultimately of humans (in the evolutionary worldview). For that reason, research leader William Sanders, a paleontologist from the University of Michigan, hailed the fossil as “an extraordinary find,” claiming further that “Saadanius is close to a group that eventually led to us.”

The researchers are still hesitant, though, to conclude that Saadanius is the definitive link between modern primate groups. “There could have been a suite of creatures at the time that were very similar and one of them became our ancestor,” Sanders explained.

Because Saadanius is not considered a missing link between apes and humans, the creationist response is straightforward: whether ape or monkey (which is impossible to determine for certain, given the sparse remains found), Saadanius descended from a created kind that was not created in the image of God. Rather than representing evolution from one “lower” species into a “higher” species, it merely represents a perhaps extinct (or unidentified) primate.

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