We’ve Invaded Their “Temple”!

Humanists Are on Notice: We’re Taking Dinosaurs Back!

by Ken Ham on May 1, 2005
Featured in Answers Update

Almost every time there's news in the secular press about Answers in Genesis, the reporter will mock the fact that we believe dinosaurs and humans have lived at the same time.

Almost every time there’s news in the secular press about Answers in Genesis, the reporter will mock the fact that we believe dinosaurs and humans have lived at the same time.

Indeed, evolutionists absolutely hate it when AiG uses dinosaurs to proclaim the falsity of the idea of evolution and the truth of the history in Genesis. Nearly every secular reporter who visits the AiG Creation Museum (under construction west of Cincinnati) seems perplexed as to why we’re including dinosaurs—and they often express amazement that we would even dare to do so. And so when their TV or newspaper report comes out, there it is again: a mocking statement about dinosaurs and humans together.

Children and adults alike are fascinated by these creatures. Unfortunately, most people equate dinosaurs with millions of years and the evolution belief system. Dinosaurs have become almost icons for evolutionary teaching—they’re treated as sacred “gods” that belong only to evolutionists for their purpose of indoctrinating generations in secular humanism.

Sign from one of Australia’s wildlife sanctuaries

This has occurred because the church—by and large—handed dinosaurs over to the “world” when they abandoned the literal history so clearly communicated in Genesis and allowed belief in millions of years and evolutionary ideas (like the big bang) to be taught to generations.

Well, we want to put the evolutionary secular humanists on notice: we’re taking dinosaurs back!

For example, when you walk into the future Creation Museum, you’ll see animatronic dinosaurs and children together—you’ll find dinosaurs throughout the early segments of the museum’s walk-through biblical history—and you’ll see them in books found in our museum gift store.

To the humanists: we have invaded your evolutionary temples, and we have gone into your “holy of holies.” We have captured the dinosaurs … and we’re taking them back to give them their rightful place in history! They don’t belong to you!

And no, it’s not ridiculous to believe dinosaurs and people lived at the same time (as the Bible makes very clear)—it’s ridiculous and illogical not to! Consider the two signs pictured from one of Australia’s wildlife sanctuaries.

Think about it: according to evolutionary time, crocodiles have been around since the time of the dinosaurs1—and yet, humans live with crocodiles today. So why is it ridiculous to think humans and dinosaurs lived at the same time?

Sign from one of Australia’s wildlife sanctuaries

But it’s not just crocodiles—there are many other examples. On AiG’s website, there’s an article that quotes a leading evolutionist who said that finding a certain tree in Australia was like finding a “live dinosaur.” The article explained

This is because the tree, nicknamed the Wollemi pine, is known from fossils classed as so-called Jurassic age around 150 million years ago, but not from fossils in rocks of later periods.

Humans and the Wollemi pine tree live today, and yet from an evolutionary perspective, the Wollemi pine dates back to the “time of the dinosaurs.” That’s why the evolutionist called it the “dinosaur tree.”

While we don’t find fossils of the Wollemi pine tree and humans together, we do know they live together—because both are alive today.

In another AiG web article, Dr. David Catchpoole states

A recent New Scientist article ponders an enigma to evolutionists-"living fossils." These are creatures alive today which are identical to fossilized forms, believed to have lived "millions of years ago." Examples include … crocodiles (140 million years).2

Why then would it be so ridiculous to think that dinosaurs also lived beside humans but have died out in recent times? Even the news in March 2005 of soft tissue in dinosaur bones is consistent with this.

And of course there’s a lot of other interesting evidence, such as dragon legends, the description of Behemoth in Job 40, Indian petroglyphs that look like dinosaurs3 and so on.

Nothing in observational science contradicts the obvious conclusion based on the Bible’s history:

  • Dinosaurs were created alongside man around 6,000 years ago.
  • Representative kinds of them were on Noah’s Ark.
  • Most dinosaur fossils are from the Flood (about 4,500 years ago).
  • Dinosaurs lived beside man after the Flood, but like lots of other animals and plants, have become extinct since that time.

No, as we will proclaim in our Creation Museum, it’s not ridiculous to believe dinosaurs and humans lived at the same time. In fact, it’s the most logical belief based upon the Scriptures and the fossils!

More and more ground is being captured every day. Yes, we’re reclaiming what rightfully belongs to the God of creation!


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