James Montgomery Boice Rejected Literal Creation Days Because of “Science”

The late Dr. James Montgomery Boice (1938–2000), a staunch defender of Biblical inerrancy, admitted in his commentary that the case for literal creation days from the Bible is strong. But he rejected it anyway, because he was intimidated by long-age “science.”

We have to admit here [concerning those who take the six days of Creation as literal days] that the exegetical basis [the arguments from the words of Scripture] of the creationists is strong. . . . . In spite of the careful biblical and scientific research that has accumulated in support of the creationists’ view, there are problems that make the theory wrong to most (including many evangelical) scientists. . . . . Data from various disciplines point to a very old earth and even older universe.


Boice, James Montgomery, Genesis: An Expositional Commentary, Zondervan Publishing House, Michigan, 1:57–62, 1982.


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