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Progressive Creationist Gleason Archer


Gleason Archer is a defender of biblical inerrancy, but he allowed himself to be intimidated by “science” so didn’t believe what he admitted was the most obvious interpretation of Genesis 1—24-hour days:

From a superficial reading, the impression received is that the entire creative process took place in six twenty-four hour days. If this was the true intent of the Hebrew author (a questionable deduction, as will be presently shown), this seems to run counter to modern scientific research, which indicates that the planet Earth was created several billion years ago.

The rest of this is a rationalization to explain away the clear Biblical teaching of six 24-hour days, to fit in with uniformitarian “science.”


Archer, Gleason L., A Survey of Old Testament Introduction (Chicago, IL: Moody, 1985), 187.


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