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Even though a major AiG emphasis is the evolution/creation issue, the real goal is to see the confidence of believers grow in the accuracy and truthfulness of all of the Bible.

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As I look back on fourteen wonderful years of ministry at AiG (while at the same time looking forward to what our Lord has in store for us), I think of our goal of calling the church back to the authority of Scripture.

In our motto, “upholding the Bible from the very first verse,” we are, of course, stating that God created the world in six literal days, just as the Bible says He did, and only a few thousand years ago. Ultimately we are proclaiming a message that upholds the authority and accuracy of Scripture. We speak boldly to Christians that God’s Word is true and can be trusted—from the beginning.

Even though a major AiG emphasis is the evolution/creation issue, the real goal is to see the confidence of believers grow in the accuracy and truthfulness of all of the Bible. As a part of this, we employ highly qualified scientists and theologians (and closely work with others) to carry out quality research and disseminate vital information about the Bible’s reliability.

For nonbelievers, our goal is to boldly proclaim the gospel message based on the true history that the Bible proclaims.

These goals reveal that AiG’s outreach addresses much more than “just creation.” It is a call to discover and then obey Scripture and its authority! We confidently stand upon God’s Word and unashamedly proclaim the gospel. That is what the AiG ministry is all about.

The trustworthiness and the truth of Scripture is our organizational conviction and motivation. The aim within AiG is to do all things according to the Word of God. That has been a hallmark of AiG from the beginning; not just as a ministry goal, but also as a standard for our board of directors, our CEO Ken Ham, and the entire staff.

I am so pleased that from the inside out, AiG is committed to the Word of God in how we manage the ministry in the day-to-day decision-making for this vital creation/gospel work. As someone who has been involved in Christian service for over 40 years, I find it a joy to know that AiG is dedicated to making sure we do things the right way—God’s way.

I am so thankful to be part of a ministry in which president and CEO Ken Ham is also totally dedicated and committed to following biblical principles, not only in his leadership responsibilities at AiG, but in his family life as well.

In a Christian world where decisions too often are made and organizations are run under principles of the secular world, it is a wonderful thing to witness the effects of earnestly “upholding biblical truths from the very verse,” a motto which not only motivates our message but guides our actions.

As a pastor who has attended hundreds of church council meetings, it is exciting when I see our own church leaders examine and sometimes struggle with issues in which a decision is needed—and then watch them get out their Bibles to search the Scriptures for direction. If Christ is really head of His church, we need to actively allow Him to show us His will by searching His Word, and in so doing, we honor Him as the true Shepherd and Leader. While AiG is not a church, the standard is the same, to have Jesus Christ as our true head. My heart is joyful because that is the goal of the leadership of Answers in Genesis.

The thrill of doing things God’s way is that when we do, we bring glory to God. After all, we are instructed to do all things for His glory: “Whether, then, you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Corinthians 10:31). And we can know we are doing that when we follow His instructions explicitly.

As we enter our 15th year of ministry, we pray that the best is yet to come! Yes, the Creation Museum is open and over 360,000 guests have visited, praise God. But we pray that the Lord would use this work, and our partners’ faithfulness, to reach many more for Christ—so that many lives will change, as God blesses.

The upcoming challenges are great. As the message is preached, the attacks will increase. But the ministry of calling people to trust and follow Jesus Christ is a high calling, and AiG is on the front lines, defending and obeying the Bible . . . from the very first verse.


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