So Obvious, Even a Child Gets It!

by Ken Ham on April 29, 2008
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Even with such intense indoctrination, secularists complain that creationists are increasingly successful in countering the evolution/long ages message.

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I read an article recently in which an evolutionist bemoaned the fact that biblical creationists are able to come across as very convincing to children. Now, I thought: if you go to Barnes & Noble or another bookstore, you can see a wide range of books on evolution/millions of years targeted for a young audience—designed to indoctrinate children in evolutionary ideas. Of course, public school science texts (and other resources in school libraries) also are geared to teach evolution/millions of years as fact, right from the youngest ages in the government-run, education systems.

Even with such intense indoctrination, secularists complain that creationists are increasingly successful in countering the evolution/long ages message. They say there’s an urgent need for evolutionists to communicate their message more effectively to children.

Secular evolutionists/atheists know that if you can indoctrinate at a young age, it paves the way to brainwashing children with a naturalistic (atheistic) worldview. That’s why the secularists are moving more and more to protect their ideology through legislation and litigation. They don’t even want students to hear the difficulties with evolution or understand theobservational evidence that contradicts it (evidence which actually confirms the Bible’s account of creation).

Sadly, secularists have indoctrinated billions of children in anti-God ideas, and are accelerating their efforts in order to gain an even stronger hold on the public education system. Such people are quick to accuse Christians (especially those believing in biblical creation) of indoctrinating children at a young age. Well, after all, the Bible instructs parents to do so:

Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6).

Evolutionists and atheists thus work hard to kick Christianity out of the public school system (and other public places) and replace it with their own religion—the religion of naturalism (atheism). It’s a worldview that teaches that the universe and all life have arisen by natural processes—and that man is just an animal who has no ultimate meaning and purpose.

The New, Aggressive Atheists

Atheist Richard Dawkins actually states that Christians who teach their children Christianity are committing “child abuse.”1 Also, the legal director for the group American Atheists, Ed Kagin (who protested against the opening of our Creation Museum last May and tries to stir up people against AiG whenever we want to do any additional construction such as putting in a new parking lot) was quoted as saying the following about creationism in general:

“We might now be in the Dark Ages . . . . [There is a] need to oppose the terrorism of this ignorance, and the child abuse of teaching children that science is wrong and that faith and dogma trump truth.”2

Of course, Dawkins and Kagin are “God haters,” which is why they oppose creationists and want to impose their atheistic dogma on public school students (and society in general). In essence, they want schools to be churches of atheism.

Such atheists often get livid when they see the effectiveness of the Creation Museum’s communication techniques, especially as they realize that the museum (and AiG’s other outreaches) are reaching children with information Dawkins and Kagin don’t want them to know.

A Budding Museum Operator

God is doing a great work: we receive testimonies like this one that involves a very young museum booster:

“The Creation Museum is not lost on the really young. My 2-year-old son Elijah visited the museum (along with the rest of the family). Months later, he decided that he should pretend he is going to the Creation Museum. He lined up his [toy] dinosaurs, handed out tickets to us, and told us all the [dinosaur] names. . . . Our little boy (having not been to the Creation Museum in many months) described details of the museum—the brachiosaurus in the lobby that moves his head ‘like this’ (as our son demonstrated with his hand), and the planetarium where our ‘seats went back to look at the stars on the ceiling.’

“He loves creation, and especially all the kinds of dinosaurs God made.”

The more we train generations in the truth right from the earliest age (even at 2), the more they’ll easily distinguish truth from error. Yes, the truth that God created as the Bible states is so obvious, even a child gets it! We need such a generation of children to combat false teachings of “the children” of Dawkins and Kagin. Your children are really never too young to learn about creation.


  1. Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, p. 318.
  2. American Atheist, September 2007, pp. 10–11.


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