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How do I become a volunteer?

Impact our culture for Christ, as we proclaim the absolute truth and authority of the Bible. Through your volunteer service, you can!

  • Are you a people person?

    Join our frontline Creation Museum team.

  • Prefer to work behind the scenes?

    Serve in the Answers in Genesis office or warehouse, on the Creation Museum grounds, or elsewhere.

  • Are you a youth?

    If you would like to volunteer and you are a youth between the ages of 11–17, please see our Youth Volunteer Policy.

Volunteer for Deaf Ministry

Volunteers with strong ASL skills, including interpreters, Deaf volunteers, CODA, tactile interpreters, and others who are adept at conversational ASL are needed for our growing Deaf ministry. Advanced interpreting students may be able to volunteer on a limited basis.

Save the date for Deaf Days 2020: October 10 and 11. Learn more at!

We also receive requests throughout the year for interpreters/guides. We treasure our wonderful volunteers who make these special events possible. Join the team! Please complete the volunteer application.


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