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Cavemen—mysterious denizens of our past—who were they? When did they live, and what happened to them? How different were they, really, from us? In the next issue of Answers magazine (April-June 2012) you’ll meet Homo erectus, Neanderthals, “Hobbits,” and other so-called cavemen and learn where they fit in biblical history.

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The evolutionary explanations normally associated with the remains of early humans cause most Christians to be a little uneasy discussing them, but there’s nothing to be uncomfortable about. Many questions remain about these people and how they fit into history, but the Bible gives us some clear answers, and they don’t depend on evolution or millions of years.

The Only Missing Link—It’s Spiritual (by Ken Ham)

Differences among people living today can seem pretty significant—and when you compare a modern human with a Neanderthal or Hobbit, the differences may seem even greater. But the only important difference has nothing to do with body shape, intelligence, or skill. It’s a spiritual difference, and that’s vital to understand.

Beacons of the Deep (by Joe Francis)


Photo: Peter Herring,

The God who created light is seen in all of His creation, even in the inky blackness of the ocean depths. Dive into this alien world of fantastic creatures that light up the deep sea with their own luminescence. To the Christian it is clear that a caring Creator provided for these creatures the ability to produce the light they need for finding food or a mate, or even for escaping from predators. But this remarkable ability in so many different animals poses significant problems for evolution.

24 Hours—Plain as Day (by Jud Davis)

How sure can we be that the writer of Genesis was talking about 24-hour days and not long periods of time? Can’t the Hebrew word for “day” mean an indefinite period of time? The top Hebrew scholars of all persuasions agree that the writer of Genesis 1 intended the word day to mean 24 hours. So what keeps Christians from agreeing on this important point?

Bloodhounds and Vultures (by Buddy Davis and Dan Breeding)

Vulture Soaring

José Amorin. All rights reserved.

Both of these animals have very sensitive noses, but God designed them for very different functions. Fly with the lesser yellow-headed vulture, as he uses his nose and sharp eyes to help him keep this sin-cursed world clean. Then follow the bloodhound as he employs his amazing nose and “blinders” to track the faintest of trails. You’ll also see other creatures with notable noses. For example, did you know that T. rex may have had a sense of smell to rival the bloodhound’s?

Mysterious Bullet Holes in Rocks (by Andrew Snelling)

Tiny black flecks in granite give an elegant appearance to kitchen countertops, but they also testify to a powerful and recent worldwide Flood. Drill down into the mystery of “bullet holes” in the rock that show God’s hand at work in this first of a series on “The Flood’s Smoking Gun.”

Solar Storms and Sugar Beets (by Jason Lisle and Don DeYoung)

And there’s plenty more to keep you reading—and re-reading—this issue. You’ll get a dose of science news, an introduction to unexpected order in the chaos of the sun’s churning nuclear fires, a new and unexpected use for sugar beets, and more. Your kids will light up with wonder (and amusement) at the strange deep-sea creatures in the 8-page Kids Answers. Plus a special pullout chart, the first in a six-part poster series, compares creationist and evolutionist views of the universe and shows how we can come to two completely different views from the same evidence. For subscribers, the magazine experience moves beyond the printed page to the digital interface of the web with free downloadable audio versions of several articles, and an in-depth, well-referenced article on the literal, 24-hour days of Genesis 1.

Lights in the Deep

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