A Transitional Form


The cavemen seen in car insurance commercials have now transitioned to become the stars of their own TV sitcom.

While a TV comedy-fantasy should not be taken too seriously, it is instructive to note how evolutionary themes regularly appear in the popular culture. While the comedy seeks to make social commentary (e.g., on American racial prejudice), there will be a strong temptation to make subtle digs against the Bible’s teaching about the origin of humans.

The creationist view of so-called “cavemen” (especially those cave-dwellers who, a few thousand years ago, made drawings found in European caves) is that after the Tower of Babel, people spread out over the earth and some of them started living in caves. These cavemen are our ancestors (from just over 4,000 years ago), and were not primitive nonhumans incapable of receiving God’s gift of salvation.

Answers Magazine

October – December 2007


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