Chapter 14

The Victory Chapter!

by Ken Ham on July 1, 2002

Salvation testimonies, changed lives, and personal impact stories. The results of creation evangelism.

Salvation testimonies, changed lives, and personal impact stories. The results of creation evangelism.

Dear Answers in Genesis:

Thank you for your faithfulness to God and to the defense of His Word and the gospel of Jesus Christ. I was a religious Baptist and an evolutionist (B.S. in geology), and had a false conversion as a child. Thanks to the modern creationist movement, I now am certain of my salvation by faith in Jesus Christ alone.

Thank you for answering God’s call to return the church’s confidence in all of the Bible.

– E.C.
North Carolina, USA

I started a creation organization at my university in Iowa this year. We showed the video Evolution: Fact or Belief. We drew a moderate crowd with about six ardent evolutionists going ‘pssst’ every time something was mentioned that they didn’t like. Later on, two evolutionary atheists became believers in Jesus Christ!

I am very much in favor of your message and style and would like to be considered a satellite group to your organization.

– T.B.
Iowa, USA

I was saved as a result of being convinced that evolution was a lie and, hence, was led to read Genesis and the rest of the Bible.

– R.L.
California, USA

Thank you for all the great things you do! I am a biology major and am constantly bombarded with evolutionary theory. I must admit that my faith was very much damaged until I came across your ministry on the radio. Your ministry exposed me to highly educated Christian scientists who also believe in the Bible. This type of exposure helped restore my faith.

I particularly enjoyed the cassette where Ken and a physicist from New Mexico defended creationism . . . . Thanks, again, for confronting evolution head on and in doing so, giving honor to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

– J.S.
Michigan, USA

Thank you for the donation of these books in Russian. We have reached out to the Russian Jews of Indianapolis for four years now. Few have been saved (until now). Yesterday, two Russian Jews accepted the Messiah! Thanks, again.

– L.C.
Indiana, USA

I am currently a student at the University of Cape Town and am very interested in acquiring the video series Answers in Genesis featuring Ken Ham and Dr. Gary Parker. The work that you have been doing was very instrumental in my coming to know the Lord Jesus in 1994.

– J.L.
South Africa

Hi. I’m from Leonard. I thank you for sending me your newsletter. It has really changed my life. I used to not care about Christians or God or anything religious. But since I’ve been getting the newsletters, I have started going to church, listening to Christian music. I gave the Lord my life and I have joined our youth witness program. I want to thank you for helping me achieve all of these goals. Would you pray for me?

Thank you so much. I will continue to pray for you and AiG.

– H.E.
Texas, USA

You may possibly remember me, as I gave you a BBC Wildlife magazine, in which I had written for creation against [evolutionary] theory at Liverpool two years ago. You gave me a Creation Technical Journal and remarked that I had the better of the bargain. Quite correct, and I am pleased to be able to tell you that was the start of me getting saved and becoming a young earth/6-literal-day creationist. Praise the Lord!

– P.S.
United Kingdom

I’m putting together a presentation for our youth group at church based on Ken Ham’s lectures and books. I’m hoping to reach a young man who has been wooed away from his faith by a biology teacher who has convinced him that evolution is fact and the Bible is just stories. Thanks for your ministry.

You were instrumental in my fiancé (a former evolutionist and atheist) to accept Jesus. When he heard Ken Ham’s lectures here in Boise last month, that was the last question answered and he accepted Jesus. We are now in pre-marital counseling with my pastor.

– T.C.
Iowa, USA

We love your material and your home page [] on the Internet. I have found several articles here that we have been able to use to help point people to Christ.

– B.N., associate pastor

Thank you for praying for my brother Steve. Your handwritten note was such a surprise and comfort to me.

Praise Report! My brother and I had a long overdue talk. After several hours of listening and witnessing, I said, ‘Come on, let’s pray.’ This 240-pound ex-marine drill instructor wept like a baby in my arms asking Jesus to forgive him.

Praise God. Thank you for your love and support. I love you all!

– D.M.
Georgia, USA

Your ministry revitalized my faith and has been wonderful for equipping me to defend my faith. Your ministry brought my brother to Christ and now he is raising godly children.

– J.H.
Arkansas, USA

Thank you for all the resources you make available to the general public. Through you, God has really changed my way of thinking.

Two years ago, I graduated from Ohio State University with a bachelors’ degree in geologic sciences. Unfortunately, as with most colleges, I learned only uniformitarianism/evolutionary geology. Though I didn’t agree with ape-to-man theory, I agreed with all of the other ideas. However, thanks to God, I began to question both creationism—about which I knew nothing—and evolution. I have AiG to thank for providing me books on rocks, fossils, and other scientific differences in creationism and evolution. I now teach kids of all ages the truth.

– C.R.
Kentucky, USA

Our church bought the Answers in Genesis video series when you were in Denver some years back. Recently in pre-marital counseling, these tapes were an effective tool in the salvation of the prospective husband.

– D.G., pastor
Colorado, USA

I have enjoyed your videos and books for some time now. Your organization was immensely important in leading me to faith.

– R.G.
Tennessee, USA

Your magazine has played a big part in a workmate of mine becoming a Christian. It is still helping him with encouragement and has answered many of this man’s questions. Thank you and God bless you.

– J.K.

I would like to let you know how much your teaching has transformed me. You really set the right foundation for me. You so clearly explain creation that the ones who hear are ‘without excuses.’ I’ve been feeding myself with Creation magazine and the Answers in Genesis video series. Both are excellent works that glorify our Creator and Lord Jesus Christ. I must have watched the videos at least ten times.

I followed your advice and started teaching our four children (ages 2 to 6) from Genesis 1:1. It totally changed them. My son recently said, ‘Thank you, Jesus, that you made me.’ My wife and I had tears of joy realizing that the last six months of teaching had paid off.

– R.B.

After an Answers in Genesis seminar, one lady wrote, ‘Thank you, God, for bringing me back into life.’ One young man, Darren, who had never heard the creation message before, listened throughout the whole day. He is not a Christian, but said that the seminar was excellent. He has been reading The Lie: Evolution and another creation book throughout the week and he has also taken creation videos from our library. He is showing incredible interest and came to church on Sunday—he has really been challenged to become a believer.

We are praying and believing for him to soon be the Lord’s, if he’s not already. Also a Japanese lady read The Lie: Evolution in Japanese. She went to the seminar on Sunday and told me the next day she understands it clearly and now believes the creation message.

– R.H., pastor

One evening I was reading A Is for Adam, to [my grandchildren] at bedtime, for perhaps the 15th time since buying the book at a convention in 1996. This time, however, five-year-old Ana stopped me when we reached ‘P is for Plan.’ First, she recounted the entire plan as found there and then asked, ‘When we’re all finished reading the book, will you please pray with me so that I may be really sure that my name is written in the Lamb’s Book of Life?’

After reviewing the Plan, once again, to be sure she really understood, we prayed together for Ana to receive Christ as her Savior. Later, I printed her name in the Book of Life opposite the letter ‘L’ to serve as a reminder that on July 30, 1997, Ana entered the fellowship of believers.

– C.S.
Michigan, USA

I want to thank you for your ministry and your clear common sense presentations relating to Genesis and your bold defense of the accuracy of the whole Bible. My faith has been tremendously strengthened. Those old familiar verses now daily take on deeper meanings, as I ponder them afresh through the lenses of ‘biblical creationism’ which are being continually polished. Everything continues to make more and more sense as I replace the flawed material in my ‘foundation’ with the Master’s handiwork.

What a breath of fresh air, what amazing revelation has come as a result.

– E.G.
North Carolina, USA

We may never know how God has used our efforts to help people come to a belief in the truth given in His Word.

– S.R.
Colorado, USA

Thanks for all that you are doing. The information and resources I gather from AiG are absolutely central to my efforts to do a good job raising my eight-year-old son and central to just surviving and keeping my focus on God’s Word in this crazy secular world.

It is such a blessing to financially support the ministry of AiG. I can never give enough to show the gratitude I feel to the Lord for giving us the AiG ministry in this time of global famine for His Word!!

We’re having a great time going through all the new resources, too—especially the extraordinary Great Dinosaur Mystery Solved book, and the chock-full of incredible information tract Is there Really a God? Wow! And we just discovered the The X-Nilo Show—working on getting public access play for it here. My son wears his Evolution: The Lie and Missionary Lizards shirts everywhere—a real salt-n-light kid in this Charlottesville area.

It was such a great blessing to spend an extended time with the Hams and Parkers and to realize how sacrificial their efforts are. They never mentioned it, of course, and we don’t really get a sense of it in the regional seminars, but to see them in their family context and to get a glimpse of the scope of the ministry and the unbelievable amount of time that has been invested in reversing a century-old, culturally imbedded, totally false belief system—these beautiful servants—well, I’m at a loss for words. Surely the effort is very much a Noah’s ark. It must seem at times that the task was insurmountable, yet look at the effects your persistent voice has given to reversing the damage of evolutionary indoctrination.

AiG and its international counterparts are truly the John the Baptists for pre-revival reformation, preparing the Darwin-contaminated soil to receive the seed of the gospel.

– E.W.
Virginia, USA

I wanted to write and thank you for your dedication to a difficult and often despised ministry.

Twenty-five years ago I attended a Christian college which, like most Christian colleges, taught theistic evolution. This teaching came mostly through a philosophy professor who ridiculed the idea that the ‘Bible could dictate to science.’ This, along with some chinks in the Bible department, left me extremely confused. This confusion paralyzed my Christian life for years, had me dabbling with New Age ideas in the eighties, and is still a source of guilt and regret for me. I recently felt it necessary to write to the college when I heard they were hosting a public ‘debate’ on evolution. The college president wasn’t rude, but refused to acknowledge my problem, taking the usual line that the issue is not an important one … that the college must keep an open mind. That the college must be nice and not dogmatic … all of those things you have undoubtedly heard a thousand times. I found it to be an emotionally draining experience.

While it was only an academic matter to them, for me it meant facing the loss of many years of my life during which I was ‘taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophy.’

I now regularly support AiG (and not my alma mater). I recently got a copy of your tape Challenge to the Church, and found it most illuminating and uplifting, but it was discouraging to know how big the problem of evolution in the Church really is. Your comment about ‘seeing so many kids destroyed by their Christian colleges’ really jumped out at me. Now, I want to find others who have endured similar experiences and form a support group—perhaps called ‘Middle-aged people whose youthful faith was torpedoed at their Christian college’ or something like that.

I have been on the right track in my Christian life for ten years now, but I still struggle with the past. I struggle with discerning how to teach my children in order to help them avoid some traps. I started late with them, but am trying to make up for lost time. Please pray for us. God bless you abundantly.

– D.D.
Nevada, USA

Even though I know and have known for many years that the Bible is true, your seminar made me look at things differently somehow. It gave me a new excitement and Bible study seems more adventurous—not only Genesis, but all of the Word of God. I thank you for that.

– K.J.
New Mexico, USA

The Answers in Genesis seminar and ministry is incredible! God bless you for making it so much fun to go back to Genesis and defend the Word of God. I pray you will come back to Denver again.

– T.S.
Colorado, USA

I am a music teacher of piano and guitar. A while back a young man named Mike became a student of mine. He was a Christian and loved Jesus. During our lessons, we had many discussions about faith. His high school biology class was daily indoctrinating him with evolution. I gave him materials from AiG and he bought additional things from your ministry.

That boy pored over those materials, sometimes only getting two hours of sleep a night. He asked his biology teacher to let him present the creation viewpoint in class. Although the teacher hesitated, he eventually let him do it. That boy was prepared, and when he stood before the class, God gave him perfect calmness. He was able to present the creation viewpoint without any embarrassment, stumbling, or awkwardness. He believes God empowered him. Many students asked him a lot of questions, and the teacher asked to borrow the materials and read them.

Just thought you’d like to know. Your work is not in vain.

– L.K.
Ohio, USA

This is an excellent [web] site! God bless you all so much. I never could find science facts like this on site before. If only I could have had this in high school, it would have saved me years in my search for truth. God bless you all so much.

– Ken (no last name)

Last week I received in the mail an audio tape of Ken Ham entitled Challenge to the ChurchCalling Christians Back to the Authority of the Bible. I drive a truck for a living and listened to it on my vehicle’s stereo. As I listened again and again, I said, ‘Wow! This is just what we need to hear!’

On Wednesday, I called AiG and asked them to rush ten copies to my house for my class on Sunday. I put together a special class using materials from AiG. It was a big hit.

You’ve got some big fans at my church now.

Please pray that the Lord will move hearts to permit us to hold more classes so we can reach a wider portion of the congregation.

– D.R.
Maryland, USA

Thank you for teaching us to compare, analyze, question, and compare all information against the plain truth stated plainly in God’s perfect Word! My children were even able to pick up on erroneous teaching during an astronomy presentation.

– S. R.
Colorado, USA

My husband, three children, and I attended your seminar in Saginaw and our lives have been greatly affected by the creation message … . I’ve always been a scientifically minded person, yet I’ve always believed in the truth of God’s Word. For years, I struggled to reconcile the evolutionary teaching I had received with the Bible. I don’t struggle anymore! I really appreciate your unwillingness to compromise or water down your message. I also appreciate your firm stand against evolutionary thinking in the church, even when it shows up in some of the most respected leaders. We pray for you daily.

– M.E.
Michigan, USA

This is the first letter I’ve ever written to any ministry, but I do so with a grateful heart.

I’ve been a Christian for almost five years. I had the opportunity to attend one of your seminars in Lansing. What a blessing it was and continues to be. Not only did it rekindle my interest in the creation/evolution issue, but it ignited a passion in me to search and study the Scriptures more deeply. Your printed materials and tapes have been one of God’s greatest tools for strengthening my walk of faith. Not only have I learned from such rich resources, but I’ve had many chances to share the importance of belief in a literal and historical Genesis. I often find myself devouring many of the books I order and referring back to them often.

Know that you are all in my prayers often, since I see all around me so much of the evolutionist/humanist world view—even sadly enough, in so many of God’s churches. Your resources continue to remind me that what Christ’s church needs more than slick programs and contemporary music is a return to the authority of God’s Holy Word.

– M.M.
Michigan, USA

I am a 5th year student at Eastern Illinois University studying psychology with a minor in history. I attended a seminar in Danville, Illinois, a month ago, and am so grateful I did. My eyes were opened and God showed me light, but along with that light, I have seen much evil being taught at my school, even by ‘believers.’

– M.M.
Illinois, USA

I’m a pastor and appreciate the influence your ministry has had on a number of the members of our church, especially the home schoolers. Thank you.

– D.W.
New York, USA

In our 10th grade honors biology class at a public high school, we are researching the case for creation. Our biology textbooks claim that evolution is the basis for all life. We are in need of information that can be used to show our classmates the improbability of evolution, and scientific evidence for creation. Any materials that you could provide such as pamphlets, posters, etc., would be greatly appreciated. We hope that you can help us expand our knowledge.

– T.C., L.F. and G.B., teenagers at a public high school

I am a college student on a secular campus. AiG has been an answer to prayer, a faith builder, and a real blessing. Thank you very much.

– Ray (no last name)

First of all, I just want to thank you for your ministry. My faith has been strengthened greatly during my high school years through your ministry.

A friend of mine who believes in evolution went to college this year, and I sent her a subscription of your magazine, Creation. She wrote to thank me for sending it to her, and I’ll quote what she said about it. ‘This magazine is really good for me, because I spend so much time just looking at one side of the creation/evolution issue. It’s nice to see well-thought-out scientific explanations.’

Also, I bought some books from you this summer to take on my missions trip to Russia. I passed some out to kids at a non-Christian sports camp. They loved them! I gave the rest to a church to distribute themselves. There is such a need for Christian literature over there.

– H.S.
Iowa, USA

Our family was very excited about receiving a personal reply from you recently. We now have another reason to look forward to receiving our Creation magazine. My oldest son is in college and he has had many opportunities to share his faith firsthand with his college professors. I hope you will be encouraged that your efforts in bringing the truth out to the younger generation bears much fruit. When you open the eyes of a young person, they never shut again. They develop an appetite for the truth and the growing process continues on … . Even though my sons and I have been very interested in studying creation science (my youngest even keeps his copy of The Genesis Record in the bathroom), my husband up until recently showed no interest. He is a pilot who spends much of his time away from home in hotel rooms and long hours in the cockpit. He asked me for something to read out of boredom and one day I handed him your book, The Lie: Evolution. He has since read several books on creation vs. evolution. No more boring discussions in the cockpit. He gets the whole crew involved in the creation-evolution controversy, as he loves the challenge.

I only mention this incident because the creation vs. evolution controversy affects every member of the family and society, not just our children. I think Christian parents fail to realize how important it is for parents and older members of the family to hold strong convictions and knowledge of creation that can be passed on to others whenever and wherever possible.

I’ve sent this letter in hopes that it is an encouragement to you and to the many others who struggle on the battleground of man’s word vs. God’s truth.

– N.K.
Michigan, USA

All I can say is your magazine is fantastic! A friend of mine was having a terrible time in college biology with their slant on things, so I mailed him all my back copies of Creation magazine. The ammunition was greatly appreciated. I hated losing all my old copies, but they went for a good cause. So I don’t have to lose any more copies, I am sending him his own subscription.

– E.P.
Texas, USA

I am currently teaching a church school class of adults on creation, evolution, and Noah’s flood using many materials which I obtained from AiG. I enthusiastically endorse Creation magazine and the Technical Journal. My number one goal is to re-affirm in my students’ minds the accuracy and inerrancy of the Scriptures, including the first three chapters of Genesis. Of course, I am also giving them some ammunition to support a creationist world view. Thank you for your great ministry and your wonderful publications.

– G.T.
Oklahoma, USA

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Creation magazine. Being a science teacher and enthusiast, I have lamented over my faith and the so-called ‘evidence’ that science touts in every science publication. Now the truth is creeping out, and I am thankful to God for you.

I have several years of Discover, National Geographic, Ranger Rick, and Natural History magazines in my 7th and 8th grade classroom library. These magazines far outnumber my 8 or 9 issues of Creation magazine, which I display with pride. The interesting thing is my Creation issues are pored over every day. My other periodicals are collecting dust! The questions they ask most are answered in Creation. Thanks, again.

I recently went to my first AiG seminar. WOW! I was so impressed with the materials and the speakers. Ken Ham was entertaining and his views on how our beliefs in origins determine society were a revelation. I am determined to do what I can to further creation technology and education in my community. Buddy Davis’s song, ‘Billions of Dead Things,’ still rattles through my head, and the other doctor who spoke on space has really given me ‘brain candy’ to chew on.

I pray for you frequently and now believe that your information is the most important information I can share with Christians and non-Christians alike. Thank you, again, AiG.

P.S. Could you send me information on your new Creation Club idea. I would like to start one or sponsor it here at my school.

– M.D., junior high science teacher

We at Butner Prison Camp want to send our warm thanks for your love to prisoners here. We are babies in Christ Jesus, but thanks to your love offering, we can grow up in the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for the videos, cassettes, and books. We are grateful, brother. Thank you.

– Inmates at Butner Prison Camp
North Carolina, USA

Praise the Lord! His love revealed in Christ is the best gift. Your kind and grace-filled letter really blessed my heart unto joy. It is my passionate desire to give a reasonable answer for the hope that we have in Christ, and your ministry has been so helpful. Your stand upon the Bible is cool and it honors Jesus. My ardent interest is any material that addresses the premises underlying creation vs. evolution and the authenticity and reliability of the Bible.

I deeply thank you and your ministry team for your kindnesses to me and the many you help as unto the Lord.

– A.L., prisoner
Illinois, USA

Bless you! Your letter of July 24th was received with much shouting and rejoicing (mine)! Your generosity in providing the materials which you have outlined is a blessing indeed. When you and the AiG staff read that there is revival in the prisons, you can smile, knowing that you are a part of this move of God in our land.

– J.W., prison chaplain
Florida, USA

Thank you so very much for the literature you sent to me. It arrived so timely, as it appeared on the worst day that I have had in the 13 years I’ve been in prison. So bad was the day that I even contemplated ending my own life. Terrible thoughts for any person, let alone a Christian. But it was a pleasant blessing to return from the license shop to receive this ‘bundle of love’ from AiG.

I have already loaned out the attractive Creation magazine after scanning it myself, but the interest in it by others has ‘wowed’ them. Right now, I am happier with the answer to prayer that you’ve been to me, rather than the gifts themselves. A fellow in my shop asked me today, ‘Is there any light at the end of the tunnel for you?’ I wasn’t sure what he meant or why he asked me that, but in spite of the appearance, I answered that I am saved and Jesus Christ is the light.

Thank you, again, so very much for those who help and pray for your ministries.

– N.F., prisoner
Wisconsin, USA

Thank you sincerely for your obedience to our Lord and Savior for the blessings you have bestowed upon us here at the William F. Key Correctional Center. The men here are truly blessed from the availability and knowledge that the library provides, and we can see the changes that the Lord has made in so many lives. I pray that the Lord continues to bless you as much as He is blessing us. Once again, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you for all that you have done for the edification of the kingdom of God.

– S.B., prisoner
Oklahoma, USA

I am a prison chaplain and God is doing a mighty work here. I thank God for the vision He has given us for the men here, most of whom are lost. The Christians here all need to grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord. Your generosity reaches out to these men. It is impossible to know the value of your gifts to this ministry in this life, but one day, we’ll see the results of your great effort in heaven! Keep us in your prayers.

– G.H., prison chaplain
Florida, USA

I have been writing to all of my friends and family about the creation message. I have sent out all of the tracts that you gave me in letters. My family and friends are beginning to rethink their position on creation. One friend told me that he didn’t think that this topic was very important until I shared with him the ways that evolution was damaging our society. Last month a prime-time program showed that over 90% of the males in the animal kingdom are unfaithful to their mates. Then, they ask, should we really hold man to a higher standard than what his animal relatives are able to achieve? This is complete madness!

Now that my eyes have been opened, I can see the vast damage that evolution has done to all Christians. It is a faith-robbing evil. Let me tell you, I know evil. As inmates, we are taught that we must learn and control our animal instincts and not to take responsibility for our actions. Is it no wonder why most inmates return to prison.

Thank you for the chance to share with you how the creation message is working in my life.

– D.F., prisoner
Pennsylvania, USA

The creation seminar with Ken Ham directly impacted and changed my life.

I am a head teacher at a small day-care center. One of my favorite topics was dinosaurs. Little did I know it, but what I had gathered from research in various books and resources was a purely evolutionary view. Here I was a Christian and I knew so little about creation yet I was sucked into teaching children something I did not believe in myself. Ken Ham’s seminars taught me just how little I really knew about creation and just how little faith I really had in the fact that God could create the world in six days. As a result of the seminar, I made a commitment to know God’s Word and to study it in an unbiased way. I will now look only to God and what His Word tells me, rather than to make human presumptions about what He can and cannot do. I also realized that God longs to speak to us through His creation—we need only open our eyes to see that He really does communicate with us in this way. I was amazed to see how blinded I was and how accepting I had been of philosophies that were not godly, biblical, or proven in any way. I have also committed to teaching children only what I know to be true from God’s Word and not just what I’ve learned from the world’s perspective.

– T.G., seminar attendee
New York, USA

My husband and I are so thankful for your resources and bulletins on creation and the stand you take on God’s Word. My husband takes your magazines to work, often sparking a conversation with a co-worker. They are a great witnessing tool.

– C.G.
Minnesota, USA

I had the recent delight of attending your seminar in Birmingham. It was a great pleasure to hear you ‘live,’ so to speak. It has now been a year since I first heard a tape of yours, and wow, what a difference it has made to my Christian life. Now that I understand Genesis and see why it is so foundational to Christianity, my whole walk with the Lord has been empowered and strengthened. No longer do I feel unable to defend certain aspects of my faith. I used to be a defensive Christian, now I have become offensive (in a manner of speaking)!

I was especially challenged by what you said concerning Christian parenting. It is, indeed, their responsibility to ensure that what they have learned is from the Word of God (not man’s ideas) before passing it on to their children. I would be grateful if you could share more of your thoughts on this subject with me.

– R.G.
United Kingdom

Ken Ham’s cassette many years ago helped work through many tough questions. Since then I have given public lectures in Spanish and Arabic, giving evidence in the Scriptures against evolution.

– M.H.
Kentucky, USA

About two or three years ago I wrote you and thanked you for publishing Creation because after reading some issues, my ‘atheist’ husband finally let me and our sons go to church and even went with us a few times! Praise God! Through all these years and godly prayers of the faithful, God has brought him out of the depths of the world into God’s saved family!

– D.G
Oregon, USA

One day Rainald (a physicist from Germany staying at our home) had an accident and was bedridden. I gave him the creation science tapes to listen to which converted him from an evolutionist to a creationist. That was the start of Rainald being saved. The story is going on and on. His girlfriend, later on his wife, was also saved. They together preach the gospel to anyone who comes under their roof. They are very hospitable people. One day we will see what the Holy Spirit did through a few tapes which were available just at the right time. Praise the Lord for creation science. Hallelujah!

– C.H.
Queensland, Australia

I personally was led to the Lord a number of years ago now via a creation science publication. … My husband has also since become a Christian, something I feel that the logic and sensible reasoning provided by the field of creation science has greatly aided.

– S.W.
Western Australia

Thank you very much for your efforts to reach the lost people in the world. Even though I grew up in a Christian home, I, too, was lost after graduating from a humanistic university and trying to live in the world on my own. Answers in Genesis provided me … answers! There are answers to life’s questions that make sense in a biblical world view.

These answers led me to re-dedicate my life to the Creator. Praise God! This is the first time I have written to express my gratitude. A few years after college a friend loaned me a copy of The Genesis Solution video sometime in 1995. Since then, I have been utilizing your materials everywhere I go. I have an opportunity to teach English at a university in Russia. I plan to take several AiG books along to share with students and teachers. Please pray that I can be an effective witness for Christ.

– W.H.
Kansas, USA

About a month ago, I gave a subscription of Creation to a co-worker. He was very impressed with the magazine, and it was an answer to prayer to hear him change his views from atheistic evolutionary dogma to truth from the Bible. A few short weeks after he got the subscription, we had a Bible study on his need for salvation. He believed that the Bible was God’s valid Word and received Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. I know that God used your magazine to dispel error and deception from his mind so that he could clearly see and understand the Bible.

– J.B.
Kansas, USA

I have used your material for several years, and have used them to bring three people to the Lord. Keep up the good work.

– K.S.
Victoria, Australia

Likewise, I say unto you, there is joy in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner that repenteth. (Luke 15:10)

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