Start Your Own Creation Club

on April 20, 2010

There are many ways you can share the truth of God’s Word to those in your school. One involves starting a “Creation Club.” We offer the following guidelines to those interested in hosting one:

  1. Contact your school officials to find out its operating guidelines concerning club organization. Follow these guidelines in setting up your club.
  2. Begin to invite people to join your club—use posters, pamphlets or post cards to advertise.
  3. Decide on which resource you would like to study. We suggest The New Answers Book 1, Evolution Exposed: Biology, Evolution Exposed: Earth Science, or the Foundations curriculum set (there are also study guides available for many of our resources). Discuss one chapter per week, or one video per week. (Contact our customer service representatives [1-800-350-3232] to find out about possible bulk discounts on books.) See also our curriculum page for other ideas.
  4. Consider inviting one of our many speakers to visit your school, perhaps to jump-start your club or to reinforce what you’ve been discussing.
  5. Use the club as an outreach to unsaved friends by showing some of the various scientific videos we offer (see the DVD section of our online store or our Video page)—perhaps one per week or so.

If you have further questions, comments or suggestions, please let us know.

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